@nomnomtruck Tweets Make Us Happy!

I just added an @nomnomtruck section to our “Twitter” page.  We see so many awesome tweets directed towards us everyday that I thought it would be nice to repost some of them.  Moving forward, we’ll update the “Twitter” page on our Web site with new @nomnomtruck tweets that we loved.  Below is what is up [...]

Thursday Special Schedule!

Nom Nom Truck is going to be busy today!  We start out with lunch in Brentwood at Compartes Chocolatier, then head over to West Hollywood for a special event (everyone is invited) at 3.1 Phillip Lim, and finally hit up USC frat row!  Hopefully we don’t run out of food before our triple [...]

Schedule for Week of September 7!

photo credit: Amy Scattergood

We’ve got our schedule for the week of September 7th - 13th pretty well lined up and posted!  We still have a few locations we’re trying to figure out at the moment, and will probably finalize in the coming days.  We’re looking forward to trying out Santa Monica for the first time this Tuesday!  We [...]

Nom Nom Getting Love from LA Times and LA Weekly!

Elina Shatkin at the LA Times did a nice story on us earlier this week.  She actually interviewed us back before we launched, and then did a follow up early this week.  Thanks so much for the shout-out!  Great story!

Amy Scattergood at LA Weekly braved the afternoon heat came by the truck yesterday while [...]

Schedule For This Week!

We’re working on ramping up our truck schedule this week, with the ultimate goal of getting out 5 to 6 times a week for both lunch and evening services.  However, we’re still learning what to expect in terms of crowds and how much food we should bring out, so we we’re not quite ready to go [...]

Nom Nom Debut: Too Many People, Not Enough Food!

photo courtesy of Jason Yao's camera phone

Thank you everyone for coming out to our launch last night at The Brig!  It was a very amazing, but hectic first night for us, and we definitely had our share of missteps and hiccups.  I would just like to express our gratitude for all those people who [...]

Thrillist Announces Nom Nom Truck Launch at The Brig Tonight!

Our friends over at Thrillist announced that we will be having our official launch tonight at The Brig (1515 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA)!  We’ll be out there at 7 pm until we run out of food or run out of customers!  Check out the post Thrillist made about us for a special deal for the [...]

Nom Nom Truck Officially Launches This Wednesday Night!

*Launch details will be provided by Thrillist’s Wednesday newsletter!

We’re finally ready to officially take our truck out to the public, launching this Wednesday night at 7pm until…well…we run out of food or customers!  To help us spread the word of our launch, popular Web site/newsletter Thrillist.com has agreed to feature us as their [...]

Nom Nom Truck Photos!

Now that we finally have our Nom Nom Truck fully wrapped and lookin’ good, we decided to get some pics taken!  Photographer Christophe Wu (www.christophewu.com) dropped by the lot on Friday and started snappin’!  The pics, the truck and my partners all look great!  Keep an eye out on the streets for our [...]

First “Unofficial” Day Hittin’ the Streets!

 We just got back from our very first lunch service!  As you may already know, we’re spending the next several days driving the truck around to random locations, trying to work out all the kinks, practice cooking, practicing serving, practice driving…just practice in general!  We want to be in tip-top shape for our [...]