Yes, thats right Nomsters! We will be REUNITING with our Grill Em All boys this Saturday 1-4PM at the Other Door in North Hollywood (10437 burbank blvd). There the NOMINATOR will be uniting with Grill Em Alls new truck, SON OF BEAST (LOVE the name!) We will also each be cookin up [...]

Two Thousand Ten Noms

2010 was such an incredible year for us and we are so happy that we got to share it with you (whether via TV, net, or by wheels).  We are absolutely humbled by all the support you nomsters have given us and look forward to everything that 2011 has to offer.  Happy New Year!

Holiday Catering by Nom Nom Truck!

Nom Nom Truck Catering is filling up fast, so make sure to email us at: [email protected]

Banh Mi for the holidays, doesnt get any better (well eggnog might be)! :)

Nom Nom Truck is Hiring!

As we are growing, we are looking for the following member to add to our team:

Nom Nom Inventory Manager
For this position we require the following:

* Lives within the LA Area and dependable car.
* Flexible morning schedule 7AM-11AM (available at least 6 shifts a week)
* At least one year of experience in the food service industry.
* [...]

Test drive a Chevrolet & get a complimentary NOM-worthy meal!

Yep, nomsters you heard me correctly this Monday October 4th we will be partnering with Chevrolet at 401 S. Spring street in DTLA from 11AM-3PM!  Come join us for some fun cars, trucks, and Banh Mi, what more could a Nomster desire?  Below is our menu Basil Mint lemonade too, oh my!

Nom Nom Truck all over NYC

What an absolute whirlwind it has been for us to get the opportunity to drive our Nominator all the way from Los Angeles to NYC!  If you would have asked us a year ago we would be competing on a Food Network show, traveling like a band on the road, meeting such amazing people, we [...]

Grill Em All Truck X Nom Nom Truck Collide!

So weve been having lots of fun with Grill Em All for the past few weeks.  Be sure to catch us this Wednesday night at Verdugo Bar: where banh mi and burgers unite (wellfor one evening)!
Here were are as heshers. Notice how cute Misa is with the peace sign.

Be excited.

Look who we found at our [...]

Old Town Tennessee is the place to be!

Jonesborough, Tennessee is such a charmer. The people welcomed us all with such big smiles and were so patient when all of our filming segments took place. Some folks have never had Vietnamese food before so we were stoked to give them a tip of the iceberg taste of of VN!

If any of [...]

Nommin our way through NOLA

New Orleans is a world apart. The culture, the people and the cuisine is unlike anything! We had such a blast walking through the town (humidity and torrential downpour every five seconds was interesting).

Literally rolling onto Bourbon Street in our Nominator, we IMMEDIATELY attacked our way through New Orleans most delicious fare. Oysters, [...]

Press Update

What up Nomsters?!

We hope you guys arent missing us too much while were doing our mega Nom Nom napage. While we were away we got a chance to catch up on some reading and check out what we saw! We made it into the latest Travel and Leisure. Tell us what you think!

Have you guys [...]