Old Town Tennessee is the place to be!

Jonesborough, Tennessee is such a charmer. The people welcomed us all with such big smiles and were so patient when all of our filming segments took place. Some folks have never had Vietnamese food before so we were stoked to give them a tip of the iceberg taste of of VN!

If any of you ever get a chance to go to the beautiful state of Tennessee, please stop by Jonesborough! Here are some things that we enjoyed:

1. Bistro 105- Best Fried Green Tomatoes!!! We also can say that between Misa and I, we must have went through 5 gallons of iced tea.

2. Salthouse No. 7- For a variety of exotic natural salts. The owners are so sweet and sampled a few of our sandwiches.  We loved the country decor of aprons and Im still savoring my lemon lavender jam.

3. Friebergs German Restaurant- Such wonderful hosts and amazing schnitzel. We loved drinking from da boot!

4. International Storytelling Center- Do yourself a favor and book an event. We looove live storytelling!

Main Street Jonesborough.sup!

Here we are at Christopher Taylors House-Oldest House in Tennessee! Andrew Jackson lived here.

Das Boots that haunt us! :)

3 comments to Old Town Tennessee is the place to be!

  • Ceryk

    Im actually kind of surprised that you didnt say none of them have had Vietnamese food. But maybe theres something in Johnson City. I dont really get out much, so I wouldnt know. Im 20 minutes away and never even heard the show was being filmed :p Asked some other people and they said there was a whole thing in the paper.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Misa and Jen, thank you bunches for the mention for Salthouse No7!! And Im so happy that you liked the store, plus our salts! We watched every week (even quit driving while on vacation to stop at a hotel to see the Jonesborough episode) and were really bummed that you didnt win. But my-oh-my didnt you do great all through the show! Good luck to the three of you in all of your future endeavors.

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