Tomorrow night @ Bar One, 7-10 PM, 12518 Burbank Boulevard in Valley Village, marks our first shift with the Grill Em All Boys, we are sooo excited! I made this cute lil compelation of our logos to mark our reunion!! See you soon Joel, Matt and Ryan, well be sure to bring you some tees :)

12 comments to GRILL EM ALL AND NOM NOM Shift tomorrow: BANH MI+BURGERS UNITE!

  • Tracey the Great

    I am sad that Nom Nom truck is on the west coast. I love watching you on the Great Food Truck Race. I would love to try your banh mi!

    If you are ever in DC, I hope I know about it! Ill be the first in line!

  • Michael / South Bay Foodies

    Glad to see you guys playing nicely! :D Nom Nom, Ive enjoyed your sandwiches on several occasions. Grill Em All, Ill be tracking you down soon! Cheers, Michael.

  • Joel

    Wait! Tomorrow? Which tomorrow?
    9/8? or 9/9? Did I miss this because I was actually watching the show last night?

  • brian

    I would love to compare and taste test your banh mi sandwiches with the Ba Le Vietnamese sandwiches we have here in Honolulu. Your marketing strategies and how you position your truck in new cities is impressive. BTW, I think your leadership is the key to your trucks success and, I think you are beautiful, intelligent and sexy :) Hope you win it all.

  • Donna

    Love the Logo mashup and looking forward to my first BanMhi

  • Grant

    Can you order these t-shirts online? I see that you are selling them in Los Angeles..and I do not live there.

  • jason

    you guys are you great and wish i could try a sandwich if you were up in boston.

    when will the tshirts be available? :)

  • Tom Dinh

    I was watching you guys on the food network last night. I wanted you guys to win and half-way through the show I seriously thought you guys were gonna lose. Me and my brother were telling each other that you guys had no chance after the NomNom truck arrived late for Church.

    We were surprised that you guys got 1st place!! That was awesome! Hope you guys win all the way. BTW, when is the next show going to air?

  • E

    I so want one of these mash-up t-shirts. Delicious fun at Verdugo on Wednesday, thanks for the great food!

  • lilly

    omg. so funny. i love you guys on tv. you are just so smart paring up with Businesses. i cant wait to see you win new york tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • dan

    too bad you guy didnt win it all but it a good run, keep it up with all the banh mi selling and marketing.

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