Yes, thats right Nomsters! We will be REUNITING with our Grill Em All boys this Saturday 1-4PM at the Other Door in North Hollywood (10437 burbank blvd). There the NOMINATOR will be uniting with Grill Em Alls new truck, SON OF BEAST (LOVE the name!) We will also each be cookin up [...]

Help us name our 2nd Truck!

Attention Nomsters! We will be launching our 2nd truck in January, so that we can serve even MORE Nomsters than before! We would love to go to you to get ideas on the name for our 2nd truck. She (yes it is a she!) will definetely be nom-worthy with a few new [...]

Its a nom-worthy Halloweeeeen!

Just finished our first Nom Nom webisode! We will be filming a couple more this month, providing you Nomsters with many more great Nom Nom adventures!

In this webisode we asked our Nomsters to dress up as the Nomster Monster! Meanwhile Allison gives her definition of what a Nomster Monster is, while [...]

Dress up as a Nomster Monsta and get a FREE Banh Mi this Wed night!

Yep, you heard me right Nomsters! Jen and I will be filming our first webisode this Wednesday night at 8950 Sunset Blvd @ Lopez Ranch Pumpkin patch. We ourselves will not only be dressed up as Nomster Monstaaas but we will also be handing out a FREE 6 sandwich of your choice to [...]

Nom Nom Tshirts Now Available!

Nomsters! Nom Nom WE NOM U tees and racerback tanks are now available! Come and get them while you can! :) Shop here!

Lil Nomsters in NOM-worthy tees= Priceless!

Wow all of these photos just made our day!  Lil nomsters Melanie, Owen and Dylan are rockin their Nom Nom Luuuv!  Thank you for the photos, we NOM U! :)  If you want to purchase a Nomster tee for your adooorable nom-worthy lil nomster, you can shop here!

Thank you Gilt City!

We have a great turnout with Gilt City last month, and we are proud to say we served over 300 nomsters with delicious limited edition sandwiches such as Cajun Shrimp, BBQ Chicken and our Classic Grilled Pork Sandwich.  Top that with a refreshing Basil Mint lemonade and youve got a nom-worthy meal ;)  Heres a [...]

Test drive a Chevrolet & get a complimentary NOM-worthy meal!

Yep, nomsters you heard me correctly this Monday October 4th we will be partnering with Chevrolet at 401 S. Spring street in DTLA from 11AM-3PM!  Come join us for some fun cars, trucks, and Banh Mi, what more could a Nomster desire?  Below is our menu Basil Mint lemonade too, oh my!

Noms for Non-profits: Pairing with CPAF @ CBS Radford this Friday Sept 24th

This Friday Sept 24th, we are continuing our Noms for non-profits program, this time donating a portion of our proceeds to CPAF (Center for the Pacific Asian Family).
Here is a little more information about CPAF:

Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) was founded to help address domestic violence and sexual assault in the Asian and [...]

Nom Nom Event Manager Needed

Nom Nom Truck growing and we need an Event Manager to keep our Nomsters happy!
We need someone to can bring a lot of expertise and experience to the table. This is part time for now, but we will soon be expanding to a second truck, and we need someone who can grow [...]