Lil Nomsters in NOM-worthy tees= Priceless!

Wow all of these photos just made our day!  Lil nomsters Melanie, Owen and Dylan are rockin their Nom Nom Luuuv!  Thank you for the photos, we NOM U! :)  If you want to purchase a Nomster tee for your adooorable nom-worthy lil nomster, you can shop here!

Press Update

What up Nomsters?!

We hope you guys arent missing us too much while were doing our mega Nom Nom napage. While we were away we got a chance to catch up on some reading and check out what we saw! We made it into the latest Travel and Leisure. Tell us what you think!

Have you guys [...]

Shout out to our fans

Hello Loyal Nomsters! We know you guys have been missing us, dont fret, weve been missing you guys too! Thanks to your love and support, we can keep doing what we do.

We wanted to give some of you guys who have pictures with the Nomster a big shout out by posting some of the images [...]

The New Nominator

Thanks to our Nomsters love and support, we have been able to upgrade our ride. The Nominator has been majorly upgraded. Freshly wrapped and is ready to serve our amazing banh mi loving Nomsters soon! Check out the new Nominator!

Tell us what you guys think!

Unfortunately the New Nominator was ready right when we started our [...]

Happy Chinese-Vietnamese New Year!

Ahh, its that time of year again: Families getting together for marathon egg-rolling sessions, houses filled with incense sticks and peach blossoms, or testing patience with the crazy drivers of Little Saigon. Tết is drawing near!  To get into the spirit well be passing out some red envelopes to show our appreciation for all you [...]

Cheers to a new year! (With many great things to come!)

As this new year approaches, we look back on 2009 and cannot believe how far Nom Nom has come. Although we did not launch until August 2009, we came up with the bringing-Banh Mi-to-LA concept back in March. Even though nothing could have prepared us for what was to come (how were we [...]

Want to be notified when we come to your area?

Hi yall, long time no talk! Want to be notified when we come to your neighborhood but dont follow us on twitter?

We now have a notification system we can send you through our Google calendar, letting you know when were comin round the mountain to your lunch or dinna location. Heres what the [...]

Theres a Storm a Brewin

Mondays forcast calls for heavy rain, so weve decided to sit this one out.  Well be back out on the streets starting Tuesday!  Check out the latest schedule update to your right!  Hope to see you out there munchin on some tasty banh mi come Tuesday!

Nom Nom Schedule!

Photo courtesy Lindsay William-Ross/LAist

After a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, were back to hittin the streets, serving our famous Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches! Were headed to a few new locations this week, most notably heading out to downtown LA for lunch for the first time! Were planning to be somewhere near 5th and Olive St. by [...]

UCLA and USC on Thursday

UCLA vs. USCwhich school will win Nom Nom Trucks heart?

Well be heading out to UCLA this Thursday for lunch, then on over to USC for a night shift (hope we can find good parkinganyone want to save us a spot?).  I wonder which spot well get more people to show up?  It may not [...]