Cheers to a new year! (With many great things to come!)

As this new year approaches, we look back on 2009 and cannot believe how far Nom Nom has come. Although we did not launch until August 2009, we came up with the bringing-Banh Mi-to-LA concept back in March. Even though nothing could have prepared us for what was to come (how were we to know that we would run out of Banh Mi within 30 minutes into our launch?!), 2009 was an amazin year for the Nom. Although we will be entering 2010 minus a partner (David will be off onto other non-Nom things), we feel confident that we have many more great moments to come in 2010 new Beef Banh Mi sandwich, feature in our fav magazine (Sunset!), and possible Brick and Mortar location! and we hope that you will be there to share those wonderful moments with us.

Without our fans (you! :D) we would not be here today. We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all of the dedication and support you have offered Nom Nom these last 6 months. You all were there to tell us our parking meter was low, give us the low down on locations, and spread the word about the Nom! Without you, there would be no Nom Nom, and we are so grateful for your ongoing luv of the Nom!

With luv with wishing you an amazing new year,
Your Nom Nom gals,
Misa + Jen


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  • Bigmouth

    Ladies, Im ecstatic to read youre thinking about opening up a brick-and-mortar Nom Nom! Whats more, I have a suggestion for your location. Some time back, a fire destroyed two of my favorite places (Tokyo Fast Food and El Super Taco) in a mini-mall at Santa Monica Blvd. btw Armacost and Brockton. Neither has reopened, and its unclear if they ever will. Definitely check it out you might be able to swing a sweet deal with the landlord.

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