Win FREE Banh Mi for a week!

Okay yall I know this is the day all you Banh Mi luvaaas have been waitin for! Do you want to win free Banh Mi for a week? (I believe I hear a resounding heeeellz ya?) Heres what you need to do to enter our FRIENDS and FANS contest!:

1. Invite all of your facebook friends to our facebook group (find us here!), take a screenshot of the invite, and send it to [email protected]!

How to take a screenshot:
PCs: Press the PrintScreen Button (PrtScr) Top right hand side of your keyboard, and then copy and paste your image somehow in a document and attach it in the email.
Macs:Press (APPLE BUTTON) + (SHIFT) + (3), the picture should appear on your desktop

We will pick a lucky winner each day this week (Thurs, Friday and Saturday!) It takes one second, so start now Banh Mi luvvaaas!

*Please note: the giftcard allows you to get up to one free Banh Mi each day

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