Grill NOM All at its best!

We had a reunion shift with our old truck buddies Grill Em All last weekend. Ahh nothing could have prepared us for the craziness! Such wonderful fans, amazing food, and great times.

Chef Jens Cucumber Lemonade was a hit, offering a great way to cool down on the sunny day.

Crazy crowd of [...]

Nomster of the week: Hello from Shaina in Vietnam!

Getting this photo from a fellow dedicated Nomster, Shaina, really made our day.
We Nom U nom-worthy tank? Check.
Confused Vietnamese lady in background thinkin giiiiiiirl what are you doing pointing at my shop? Check.

Could this photo get any better? We love it! Thank you so much for your support Shaina, we cannot [...]

Noms for Non-profits @ UCLA with the Queer Alliance!

Here at Nom Nom supporting diversity is very important to us. Thats why we decided to pair a Noms for Non-profits shift with the Queer Alliance at our most recent UCLA shift. We are so happy (and amazed!) by the wonderful turnout, and we could not ask for a better crowd!

Click here or [...]


Yes, thats right Nomsters! We will be REUNITING with our Grill Em All boys this Saturday 1-4PM at the Other Door in North Hollywood (10437 burbank blvd). There the NOMINATOR will be uniting with Grill Em Alls new truck, SON OF BEAST (LOVE the name!) We will also each be cookin up [...]

Two Thousand Ten Noms

2010 was such an incredible year for us and we are so happy that we got to share it with you (whether via TV, net, or by wheels).  We are absolutely humbled by all the support you nomsters have given us and look forward to everything that 2011 has to offer.  Happy New Year!

Nomster Fans Melt our Hearts!

Every time Misa and I jump on on the truck for a service we  get such warm regards from you nomsters!  We are so grateful for every one of you, especially all the lil noms dropping off pictures of the truck and asking us for photos.  Our truck really is our own dream machine: slinging [...]

Lil Nomsters in NOM-worthy tees= Priceless!

Wow all of these photos just made our day!  Lil nomsters Melanie, Owen and Dylan are rockin their Nom Nom Luuuv!  Thank you for the photos, we NOM U! :)  If you want to purchase a Nomster tee for your adooorable nom-worthy lil nomster, you can shop here!