Grill NOM All at its best!

We had a reunion shift with our old truck buddies Grill Em All last weekend. Ahh nothing could have prepared us for the craziness! Such wonderful fans, amazing food, and great times.

Chef Jens Cucumber Lemonade was a hit, offering a great way to cool down on the sunny day.

Crazy crowd of [...]


Yes, thats right Nomsters! We will be REUNITING with our Grill Em All boys this Saturday 1-4PM at the Other Door in North Hollywood (10437 burbank blvd). There the NOMINATOR will be uniting with Grill Em Alls new truck, SON OF BEAST (LOVE the name!) We will also each be cookin up [...]

Grill Em All Truck X Nom Nom Truck Collide!

So weve been having lots of fun with Grill Em All for the past few weeks.  Be sure to catch us this Wednesday night at Verdugo Bar: where banh mi and burgers unite (wellfor one evening)!
Here were are as heshers. Notice how cute Misa is with the peace sign.

Be excited.

Look who we found at our [...]