Dress up as a Nomster Monsta and get a FREE Banh Mi this Wed night!

Yep, you heard me right Nomsters! Jen and I will be filming our first webisode this Wednesday night at 8950 Sunset Blvd @ Lopez Ranch Pumpkin patch. We ourselves will not only be dressed up as Nomster Monstaaas but we will also be handing out a FREE 6 sandwich of your choice to anyone who comes to the truck dressed as a Nomster Monster!

Here is a preview of our Nomster hat that my best friend Michie made us! Luv it! <3 thank you Michie :)

In addition to receiving a free Banh Mi, we will also have this handy dandy certificate signed by Jen and I, stating that you have a LEGIT Nomster Monster costume! Gotta love it!

Please note though if you come dressed up as a Nomster, you may be on camera for our webisode! :)

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