Nommin our way through NOLA

New Orleans is a world apart. The culture, the people and the cuisine is unlike anything! We had such a blast walking through the town (humidity and torrential downpour every five seconds was interesting).

Literally rolling onto Bourbon Street in our Nominator, we IMMEDIATELY attacked our way through New Orleans most delicious fare. Oysters, soft shell crab, beignets from Cafe Du Monde and discovering how abundant fried chicken are in every gas station in the southwe are still thinking about it!

Places that we loved:
1. Baru: Caribbean-Latin Tapas. We ate here twice just for their friend oysters and ceviche.
2. Dong Phuong Bakery-The nice folks delivered our bread safe and sound. We <3 you!
3. Frankie Johnny's-Crawfish and Alligator soup. Nomnomnom... Tyler Florence recommended us this place when we said we wanted some Nawlin' food.

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