First Unofficial Day Hittin the Streets!


 We just got back from our very first lunch service!  As you may already know, were spending the next several days driving the truck around to random locations, trying to work out all the kinks, practice cooking, practicing serving, practice drivingjust practice in general!  We want to be in tip-top shape for our official launch some time next week!   Keep an eye out for any updates regarding our REAL launch on our Twitter account or on our Web site!  Once we officially launch, well be posting all our times and locations for everyone to see!  Until then, well be keeping our locations on the DL so we can learn how to do this whole truck thing without too much pressure.  ;)

13 comments to First Unofficial Day Hittin the Streets!

  • Carlos

    Congrats on your soft launch! I would love it if you guys could find the time to test the truck in the San Fernando Valley. *wink wink* Regardless, best of luck with everything! Even if I have to chase you guys down in the westside.

  • Chef EJ

    very insightful,

  • Paul

    You guys rock. I got the tofu banh mi because you were out of the grilled beef and it was delicious! I really like the sauce that you put on it and the bread was just right! Cannot wait until you are officially on the streets! I also picked up a pork banh mi for my girlfriend and she said it totally hit the spot!!!!

  • Jennifer

    thankyou to everyone who came out :) ..especially the lucky few who saw my gnarly parallel parking skillz. cant wait to see you all!!

  • Richard

    Thats a great looking truck! Cant wait to try your food. Come to Santa Monica soon.

  • Brigham

    Please stop by Pasadena sometime after the official Launch!!!

  • Heather

    Woot!!! The truck looks fabulous And I cant wait to spot it for some awesome grub. So excited! Come to Pasadena!

  • Beach Diva

    Any chance yall can hit the beach in Santa Monica this weekend? Im SO excited I loved the food when traveling through Vietnam and cant wait to try the tofu banh mi!! 3rd Street Promenade cmon by!!!

  • Were still waiting on our Santa Monica sellers permithopefully we get in in the next week or two! I heard theyre pretty strict about parking in Santa Monica though. Someone told us it was only 30 minutes and we would have to move or get a ticket!

    Pasadena may be tough too. Its a bit of a trek for our little truck and I think theyre pretty strict about food trucks too. Were definitely going to look into getting involved with UCLA Rose Bowl games though, if at all possible! Wed LOVE to be out there tailgating with the rest of the Bruins!

  • mary beth

    Regarding Santa Monica, week days at lunch around Colorado and 26th there are trucks. Would love to see you guys there. Still dream about this amazing sandwich I had at the morning market in Hoi An.

  • heather

    Come on by Abbot Kinney today, saturday, in the afternoon! The street is busy and a couple of other trucks come out here and do great!!! :) Mark 5 and Fishlips and Kogi are out here every weekend!

  • We may try out the Abbot Kinney food truck meet on Saturdays. I hear a lot of people are out there, but Kogi really gets all the business. ;)

    Thanks for the heads up on 26th and Colorado! Any help/suggestions we can get about locations is greatly appreciated!

  • Lori

    You all are awesome!!! I am way over here in connecticut and you make the business look fun and easy (probably not). How did you come up with the name, logo and funky paint job on truck? Thanks Lori

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