Catering opportunities with Nom Nom!

Hi yall, Misa here, da Mom of the Nom.  One of my jobs as Mom of the Nom is organizing all of yalls catering needs!  Ive been a techie lately and set up a questionnaire you can fill out online that will be sent to us, allowing us to put together the best catering package [...]

Nom Nom Truck Photos!

Now that we finally have our Nom Nom Truck fully wrapped and lookin good, we decided to get some pics taken!  Photographer Christophe Wu ( dropped by the lot on Friday and started snappin!  The pics, the truck and my partners all look great!  Keep an eye out on the streets for our [...]

Our Truck, pre-Nom Nom-ization!

Jenn, Misa and I went out to the Road Stoves ( lot on Thursday to check out our truck and practice driving it for the first time!  Allison Torneros (, our designer, also joined us to take measurements of the truck and get inspired before coming up with our final design.  The truck [...]

Nom Nom Visits the Godfather

Misa and I took a trip out to meet with the Godfather of mobile food trucks (at least thats what I like to call him), Morris Appel, owner of Road Stoves (  For those of you who dont know, this is the guy who has been an integral part of the recent mobile food truck [...]