Nom Nom <3 Cool Haus! German TV Joins the Love-fest!

We headed out to Encino for the first time this Tuesday for lunch, and we had Cool Haus join us for a great afternoon up in the Valley!  Not only did Cool Haus hook it up with every type of ice-cream sandwich in existence for all the Nom Nom truckers, they also made special Cool [...]

Our Truck, pre-Nom Nom-ization!

Jenn, Misa and I went out to the Road Stoves ( lot on Thursday to check out our truck and practice driving it for the first time!  Allison Torneros (, our designer, also joined us to take measurements of the truck and get inspired before coming up with our final design.  The truck [...]

Nom Nom Visits the Godfather

Misa and I took a trip out to meet with the Godfather of mobile food trucks (at least thats what I like to call him), Morris Appel, owner of Road Stoves (  For those of you who dont know, this is the guy who has been an integral part of the recent mobile food truck [...]

Nom Nom Photoshoot

We had our second photoshoot for Nom Nom today and it was soooo fun!  I just got a new haircut for a hair campaign last week (similar to Lime Cats), and it actually fits in pretty well with the Banh Mi theme :)

To see close-ups of our shoot today, visit our album here!

Food Handlers Certificate ClassCOMPLETE!

Instructor "Jimmy" lecturing about food safety

Thats right folks, Nom Nom Truck is now officially certified to handle your food!  In preparation for our launch, Misa and I took a food handlers class today and received our temporary certificates!  We wont get our real certificates until after we receive our final test results in four [...]

Field Trip to Premier Meat Company!

Nom Nom founders checkin out Premier Meat Company

Woke up early today to head out to Premier Meats facility down in Commerce.  It was a very interesting trip!  Steve , our contact over there, was incredibly helpful and genuinely interested in what we are doing for Nom Nom.  He even printed out some articles for [...]

Meeting with Founder of Kay N Daves!

Culver City Build-Out; photo courtesy LA Times

Misa and I just got back from a meeting with the founder of Kay N Daves, a very popular and successful Mexican restaurant now opening its fourth location in downtown Culver City.  In fact, we had the meeting at the restaurant while it was being built out!  It was [...]

Nom Nom Meets with Premier Meat Co.!

Went with Jenn and Misa to meet with Premier Meat Company, a meat supplier (duh) for some of the best restuarants in Los Angeles.  The meeting went really well and the Premier rep, Steve, had some very encouraging comments for us in regards to starting up the business.  Premier just happens to supply our idol [...]