Field Trip to Premier Meat Company!


Nom Nom founders checkin out Premier Meat Company

Woke up early today to head out to Premier Meats facility down in Commerce.  It was a very interesting trip!  Steve , our contact over there, was incredibly helpful and genuinely interested in what we are doing for Nom Nom.  He even printed out some articles for us that he found recently on mobile food trucks!  What a nice guy!

After hanging out in Steves office for a bit, we got to take a tour of the Premier facility!  We even got to put on these nifty jackets and hair nets.  Meat meat meat everywhere!  Another pic after the jump
I think we were all a little worried about what is was going to be like in the butchering roomnamely, how would it smell.  It turns out it wasnt bad at all!  The entire place was very clean, and the air conditioner blasting on high (it is a meat locker, after all) kept us all feeling pretty fresh.   Everyone working there seemed very serious, and were taking apart their cuts of meat with incredible skill. 

All in all, it was a very interesting little field trip.


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