Meeting with Founder of Kay N Daves!

Culver City Build-Out; photo courtesy LA Times

Misa and I just got back from a meeting with the founder of Kay N Daves, a very popular and successful Mexican restaurant now opening its fourth location in downtown Culver City.  In fact, we had the meeting at the restaurant while it was being built out!  It was a pretty cool experience chatting with the owner while construction of his restaurant was happening all around us. 

Dave couldn’t have been nicer.  He was super laid back, offered a lot of advice, contacts, help…just a great meeting all around.  A successful entrepreneur and restaurant owner, Dave actually got into the industry with no prior experience, much like what we hope to do.  It was very encouraging to see how well he has done to date, so I’m stoked to keep working on Nom Nom.  Now we just need to actually get a truck, build up a following, finalize a menu, and get to cookin’!

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