Nom Nom <3 Cool Haus! German TV Joins the Love-fest!


We headed out to Encino for the first time this Tuesday for lunch, and we had Cool Haus join us for a great afternoon up in the Valley!  Not only did Cool Haus hook it up with every type of ice-cream sandwich in existence for all the Nom Nom truckers, they also made special Cool Haus loves Nom Nom edible wrappers!!!  Wowif that isnt love, I dont know what is.  =P  Check out the pics below to see the awesome custom edible wrapper they made!

In addition to having Cool Haus with us yesterday afternoon, we also had a correspondent from N24 German national television come out to interview both Cool Haus and Nom Nom Truck!  They were putting together a piece about LA gourmet food trucks, and drove all the way out to meet us on location!  Apparently N24 is comparable to CNN here in the US, so thats pretty freakin awesome!  We took some pics of Misa doing the interview.  Well be sure to post the video link up when the story airs.  Should be fun!  =D


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  • Bigmouth


  • Chris

    Being German myself, I have to correct this: N24 is a private TV station. Its available nationwide, yes (and probably internationally as well via satellite), but its not national TV (those are the stations that are directly owned by the state). It is correct, however, that its comparable to CNN.
    On a related note, since I work in Sherman Oaks, Im really bummed I missed out on your Encino appearance. Please come back to the Valley for lunch soon!

  • Chris

    PS: just found the video about you on their website (in German, obviously):

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