Nom Nom Photoshoot


We had our second photoshoot for Nom Nom today and it was soooo fun!  I just got a new haircut for a hair campaign last week (similar to Lime Cats), and it actually fits in pretty well with the Banh Mi theme :)

To see close-ups of our shoot today, visit our album here!

Towards the end of the photoshoot we decided to include Lucky, our biggest fan, in one of the photos, for how could we ignore our #1 fan?  Mmmmmmmm looking back on these photos makes me really hungry and long for another Banh Mi!  Enjoy! :-P

Til next time,



1 comment to Nom Nom Photoshoot

  • AV

    nicely done guys. Cant wait to see your success soon. When are we gonna have the chance to taste our delicioso food?

    Nhi`n ngon qua!

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