Food Handlers Certificate ClassCOMPLETE!

Instructor "Jimmy" lecturing about food safety

Instructor "Jimmy" lecturing about food safety

Thats right folks, Nom Nom Truck is now officially certified to handle your food!  In preparation for our launch, Misa and I took a food handlers class today and received our temporary certificates!  We wont get our real certificates until after we receive our final test results in four weeks (plenty of time before we actually open our truck), but since we took the 6 hour class, we at least got a temporary pass.  Misa and I are both pretty awesome, so theres no doubt in my mind that we totally aced the test.  
It was actually a pretty fun class, so for any of you putting off getting your food handlers certificate, just go for it.  Its actually a pretty entertaining day, and you even learn a lot of useful stuff!  For those of you who have no need of a food handlers certificatewhich is pretty much everyoneits still an interesting class to take.  For instance, did you know that the internal cooking temperature for poultry needs to reach 165 F for 15 seconds to kill harmful bacteria?  Right it down, folks! 

By the way, I would have taken more pictures, but our instructor freaked when I snapped this one out of nowhere.  He said cameras make him nervous…  He was probably joking, but I didn’t feel like testing him.  0_o

4 comments to Food Handlers Certificate ClassCOMPLETE!

  • devin

    Where did you take the class?

  • MhyphenL

    Hey, whered you take the course? Was it good? Ive been half-looking to take one so send a reco if you got one.

  • Misa

    We took it at AAA Food Handler Training School ( Even though it was a 5 hour class, it went by pretty quickly and it was only a day. The instructor made some jokes that were pretty funny to keep the rhythm going. Feel free to email us if you have any more questions! :)

  • Max

    I think Jimmy was my instructor too when I got my certificate. He was great. The class was at some sketchy hotel that looked like it would fail a health department inspection. Although I dont think they even had a kitchen.

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