Schedule for Week of September 7!

photo credit: Amy Scattergood
photo credit: Amy Scattergood

Weve got our schedule for the week of September 7th 13th pretty well lined up and posted!  We still have a few locations were trying to figure out at the moment, and will probably finalize in the coming days.  Were looking forward to trying out Santa Monica for the first time this Tuesday!  We hear parking may be tough, but well definitely give it a shot!  Wednesday well be heading back out to Olympic Blvd., where we received a great welcome last Thursday!  Weve also asked the Get Shaved truck to come along and join us on Olympic, so all you Westsiders will get a chance to cool down with some AWESOME shaved ice!  We have a private pary to cater on Wednesday night, so we wont be making it out to The Brig this week.  =(  Thursday has us hitting up Brentwood for the first time, after receiving an invite from Compartes Chocolatier on Barrington Ave.  Compartes Chocolatier is going to provide Nom Nom customers patio seating, as well as have a special selection of chocolates specifically created to complement Nom Noms Vietnamese flavors!  Later that night well be catering a private event, then head out to USCs frat row to try our hand at serving the drunken revelers in the late late night!  Well be heading back to 5900 Wilshire on Friday, and then seek out a location for Friday night.  Saturday is still up in the air!

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