New Sched up for Nov 2nd Week!

Were so excited about this week: co-shift with CoolHaus ice cream (mmmm cinnamon ice creeeeam!), our first lunch shift in Sherman Oaks, and stoppin by to USC frat row on Thursday. Its gonna be another busy week! :D

Schedule for Week of September 7!

photo credit: Amy Scattergood

Weve got our schedule for the week of September 7th 13th pretty well lined up and posted!  We still have a few locations were trying to figure out at the moment, and will probably finalize in the coming days.  Were looking forward to trying out Santa Monica for the first time this Tuesday!  We [...]

Schedule For This Week!

Were working on ramping up our truck schedule this week, with the ultimate goal of getting out 5 to 6 times a week for both lunch and evening services.  However, were still learning what to expect in terms of crowds and how much food we should bring out, so we were not quite ready to go [...]