Schedule For This Week!

Were working on ramping up our truck schedule this week, with the ultimate goal of getting out 5 to 6 times a week for both lunch and evening services.  However, were still learning what to expect in terms of crowds and how much food we should bring out, so we were not quite ready to go full throttle quite yet!  This week well be heading out for lunch Tuesday through Friday, with a few evening services mixed in.  We may try to hit up a spot or two on Saturday too!  Check the schedule on the right for any and all updates on times and locations!


Weve also been working on maximzing our efficiency so all you banh mi fans wont have to wait so long in line!  Kogi was nice enough to give us some pointers that may help move the line along faster, and we got a few new tools that should also help speed things along.  I know everyones very busy, especially during lunch time, so an hour long line for lunch just wont cut it!

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  • jenifer tracy

    hi there!

    i love your look & am going to bring my posse down this week.

    not sure if it matters for your advertising purposes

    butthe variety building is not mid-wilshire. its miracle mile. post for both neighborhoods next time.

    and cant wait to see you tueday :)


  • chibucks

    im sure you have your schedule already, but just to give you a heads up that there will probably be ~a thousand volleyball players & family over labor day for the chinese 9-man that wouldnt mind some banh mi.

  • Heather Smith

    Come on out to the Southbay (Torrance) we like food here too.

  • Thanks for the heads up about the volleyball tournament! I just emailed them to see if we could set up shop somewhere.

    As for Torrancewell get there at some point, dont worry! All the food trucks have been talking about how great it is down there. ;)

  • May C.

    usc is great and all but any plans to stop by downtown? :)

  • chibucks

    Let me know if you hear back. I know most of the guys who are coordinating the tourney (theyre probably swamped with a lot of last minute things).

  • mary

    Tracked you down yesterday. You serve a really good Banh Mi. Sad for me but good for you that you ran out of spring rolls. Maybe Ill get lucy next time.

  • Tragic Sandwich

    I hope youll make another attempt at Westwoodlots of offices on Wilshire!

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