Nom Nom Debut: Too Many People, Not Enough Food!

photo courtesy of Jason Yao's camera phone

photo courtesy of Jason Yaos camera phone

Thank you everyone for coming out to our launch last night at The Brig!  It was a very amazing, but hectic first night for us, and we definitely had our share of missteps and hiccups.  I would just like to express our gratitude for all those people who waited in line remained patient throughout the night!  Through the long lines, unfilled orders, miscalculated change, and just plain lack of food, everyone was surprisingly understanding and supportive.  Were still learning how to do this whole food truck thing, and knowing how much food to prep the day before is still a mystery to us (as anyone who was there last night could attest).  If we prep too much, then we have a bunch of spoiled food at the end of the day; if we prep too little, then we have what happened last nighthungry customers!  It will probably take some time and experience to get it right, but I promise well get there soon!

Whewwith that said, the launch was still a fantastic experience.  It was great seeing so many people out to greet us and chow down!  We even had some celebrities in the crowd (waiting in line for an hour like everyone else)!  Elijah Wood, Roger Sterling (Mad Men) and Sam Merlotte (True Blood) were all spotted getting their Nom on! 

Overall, the turnout was great, the vibe was incredible, and it was very heartening to see so many people clamoring for banh mi!  Emboldened by the wave of support last night, well keep working to crank out banh mi and bring them to all the underserved parts of Los Angeles!  Thank you so much everyone!

By the waydoes anyone have any pics from last night that we could post?  I was way too busy to take any.  If you do, wed love it if you could send them to: [email protected].

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