Nom Nom Getting Love from LA Times and LA Weekly!


Elina Shatkin at the LA Times did a nice story on us earlier this week.  She actually interviewed us back before we launched, and then did a follow up early this week.  Thanks so much for the shout-out!  Great story!

Amy Scattergood at LA Weekly braved the afternoon heat came by the truck yesterday while we were out on Olympic Blvd. to chat with us as well.  Great story from LA Weekly today!  Thanks Amy!

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  • jefsil

    Thank you for parking on Abbott Kinney at the Brig on 9/2. I was seriously craving a banh mi but didnt want to make the long drive from Santa Monica. I found you on the internet and jammed right over. The BBQ Pork was very tasty and hit the spot. Hope youll spend some time here in Santa Monica, near the college. Next time, Ill try the grilled pork with a spring roll. As anyone living on the Westside will likely agree, we seriously lack decent, healthy Vietnamese. Hopefully, one of the excellent, and MSG Free pho restaurants located in South El Monte, San Gabriel or Chinatown, will finally recognize a great opportunity here on the Westside and open a spot. Until then, Ill continue to get my quick fix with Nom Nom.

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