Swapping tacos with Border Grill and trying Get Shaved Ice!

Hi everyone!  Sorry Ive been on hiatus for a while, but Im back!  Last Friday we had a great run over at the 5900 building on Wilshire.  Border Grill Truck was just down the street, and the girls were so sweet to bring us over some of their delicious tacos to try!  Our team luved them, and they are so colorful too! (Our fav was the guacamoleeee)

In return, we were sure to send some Banh Mi and Vietnamese taco luv their way . . . we hope they liked them! :DIMG_0184

So sweet :)


At the end of our shift (and while we were waiting for our mechanic to come) David found out that Get Shaved was down the street!  He brought back some shaved ice from them and it was AMAZING! However I was kinda pissed because he hogged all the shaved ice to himself and didnt let me have anymore!! >:-o

The good news is on Wednesday we will be doing a shift on Butler and Olympic with Get Shaved Ice. The perfect dessert to compliment your Banh Mi or Taco on a hot summer day.

Thank goodness!! Then Ill be able to have a shaved ice all to maself and David cant steal mine ahahahahahaaaa.  And maybe we could even work some kind of food swap while were at it . . .


photo courtesy of Lindsay William-Ross, LAist

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