Our Truck, pre-”Nom Nom”-ization!

Jenn, Misa and I went out to the Road Stoves (www.roadstoves.com) lot on Thursday to check out our truck and practice driving it for the first time!  Allison Torneros (www.allisontorneros.com), our designer, also joined us to take measurements of the truck and get inspired before coming up with our final design.  The truck [...]

Press Roundup!

We got some great press hits over the past week, including a mention in Elina Shatkin’s taco truck article in the LA Times this past Wednesday, a nice write up in the new Grub Street: Los Angeles food blog by Hadley Tomicki, and a very extensive interview with CaliforniaTacoTrucks.com by Cyrus Farivar!  Thank [...]

Nom Nom Visits the “Godfather”

Misa and I took a trip out to meet with the “Godfather” of mobile food trucks (at least that’s what I like to call him), Morris Appel, owner of Road Stoves (www.roadstoves.com).  For those of you who don’t know, this is the guy who has been an integral part of the recent mobile food truck [...]

Nom Nom in LAist.com! Wooo!

LAist.com just did a short write up about us!  Thanks!  I think we owe them lunch some time in August.  ;)

LA Weekly Just Blogged About Nom Nom Truck!

Our first press hit!  Thanks to our friends over at www.whiteonricecouple.com, who passed along our information to their editor at LA Weekly this past weekend, we just had a blog post written about us!  How exciting!   http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/new-restaurants/trucker-update-nom-nom-truck-c/

Nom Nom Truck Website Officially Launched!


The Nom Nom Truck Website is now officially launched!  For those of you who don’t already know, Nom Nom Truck is a new mobile food truck that will serve “Banh Mi”, or Vietnamese sandwiches, along with other Vietnamese-inspired food.  (Yes, we WILL have tacos…this is Los Angeles, after all.)  We will primarily hover [...]

New Banh Mi Pics for Nom Nom!

Impromtu Banh Mi photo shoot

Since we just launched our Web site recently and had been using some Banh Mi pics that weren’t ours as placeholder images, we thought it was time to get some of our own pics on our Web site.  Never mind the fact that when we emailed the people who owned [...]

Food Handler’s Certificate Class…COMPLETE!

Instructor "Jimmy" lecturing about food safety

That’s right folks, Nom Nom Truck is now officially certified to handle your food!  In preparation for our launch, Misa and I took a food handler’s class today and received our temporary certificates!  We won’t get our real certificates until after we receive our final test results in four [...]