@nomnomtruck Tweets Make Us Happy!


I just added an @nomnomtruck section to our Twitter page.  We see so many awesome tweets directed towards us everyday that I thought it would be nice to repost some of them.  Moving forward, well update the Twitter page on our Web site with new @nomnomtruck tweets that we loved.  Below is what is up there right now:

We are so thankful for all the support we’ve received via heartwarming tweets.  We read absolutely everything on Twitter, and seeing the positive reaction to our truck has made all the hard work worthwhile!  Thank you so much for taking the time to follow us, tweet about us, and even take pictures of our truck and food!  On those really tough stressful days, it’s the @nomnomtruck section that revitalizes us and gets us back out there again!  =)

Recent @nomnomtruck tweets that made us smile (updated 9/23/09):

  • JoanneYummy @nomnomtruck! Stalk this truck… it’s worth it! $8 = grilled pork banh mi + lemongrass chix taco + bbq pork taco + iced coffee = :p
  • intr0vert http://twitpic.com/iv0bs – At the @nomnomtruck with @estarla in Beverly Hills. Gonna get our nom on!
  • baironmJust grabbed some @nomnomtruck yum!!
  • mJIHADat the @nomnomtruck. YUMMIEZ!!!!
  • TimothyDahl@tincanorange @nomnomtruck is delicious!!!

  • Claranovich@nomnomtruck Can my chinchilla be your mascot? http://twitpic.com/7o4r5 Here is, nomming on a shirt
  • juliearciaga@nomnomtruck if you could make a rockin vegetarian one without tofu in it, y’d be my best friend. btw, i’m jenn’s sista :)
  • dCHOEzen1It is time. @nomnomtruck here I come!
  • danieleats http://twitpic.com/isg52 – Passed by the @nomnomtruck while walking my dog along Sawtelle 
  • elliotblakeFinally had 1st LA food truck experience today- @nomnomtruck. My verdict: Lemongrass chicken bahn mi & BBQ pork taco=delicious.
  • Wagstaff_LAlunch @nomnomtruck was fantastic!
  • taraplatt@egspoony hee hee ;) right?! but I will vote for the tasty! I give the @nomnomtruck 2 noms up ;)!
  • YuriLowenthalRT @YuriLowenthal: @taraplatt chomping down on 12 inches of nom. Thanks @nomnomtruck ! Now with picture! http://twitpic.com/iqodb
  • jessrodriguezJust had delish food by @nomnomtruck!
  • taraplattOnly blocks away from the @nomnomtruck I can see it and I’m drooling http://twitpic.com/iqm5f
  • dreshmaethanks for lunch, @nomnomtruck! everything was so tasty, i’m definitely going to have to try it all again soon!
  • DataDanD@nomnomtruck was pretty much awesome. @awesomeosity is in love w/ the chicken, @bernnotice wisely got pate on his banh mi
  • Stephenkkim@nomnomtruck Thanks for bringing a taste of little saigon to Miracle Mile! Hope to see you guys @ 5900 wilshire on a regular basis!
  • rluchow@nomnomtruck thanks for a delicious lunch today!
  • JennyIvri@nomnomtruck Thanks for coming down to Torrance yesterday. Your veggie sandwich was SUPER delicious!
  • justinpak@nomnomtruck Thanks for the banh mi guys. Bring the 60 in. plasma with Rock Band and you’ll be killin it.
  • PlayaHermosa@nomnomtruck was a very tasty lunch and the kids had fun on the grass. Thanks!
  • jigsJD@nomnomtruck loved that grilled pork banh mi tonight at miracle mile. i’d suggest cutting the 12″ into halves tho. come back soon!

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