Thrillist Announces Nom Nom Truck Launch at The Brig Tonight!

Our friends over at Thrillist announced that we will be having our official launch tonight at The Brig (1515 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA)!  We’ll be out there at 7 pm until we run out of food or run out of customers!  Check out the post Thrillist made about us for a special deal for the first 50 customers that come out to greet us!  link

We hope to see you all there!

Nom Nom Truck Officially Launches This Wednesday Night!


*Launch details will be provided by Thrillist’s Wednesday newsletter!

We’re finally ready to officially take our truck out to the public, launching this Wednesday night at 7pm until…well…we run out of food or customers!  To help us spread the word of our launch, popular Web site/newsletter has agreed to feature us as their daily restaurant pick for their Wednesday newsletter!  We LOVE and their newsletter is probably the only one we actually open on an everyday basis!  For those of you who haven’t heard of Thrillist, they usually feature one new restaurant opening, or great new club/bar, or cool product, or special event every day.  (We actually first heard about favorites Kogi BBQ and Umami Burger via Thrillist’s daily newsletter!)

If you like hearing about new under-the-radar restaurants, secret bars, and…well…Nom Nom Truck, get on the list today!  Wednesday’s newsletter will feature Nom Nom Truck, including all the details of our launch (like the LOCATION)!

Nom Nom Truck Photos!


Now that we finally have our Nom Nom Truck fully wrapped and lookin’ good, we decided to get some pics taken!  Photographer Christophe Wu ( dropped by the lot on Friday and started snappin’!  The pics, the truck and my partners all look great!  Keep an eye out on the streets for our truck roving around soon!  With our new paint job, I don’t think we’ll be too hard to miss! >>more

First “Unofficial” Day Hittin’ the Streets!


 We just got back from our very first lunch service!  As you may already know, we’re spending the next several days driving the truck around to random locations, trying to work out all the kinks, practice cooking, practicing serving, practice driving…just practice in general!  We want to be in tip-top shape for our “official” launch some time next week!   Keep an eye out for any updates regarding our REAL launch on our Twitter account or on our Web site!  Once we officially launch, we’ll be posting all our times and locations for everyone to see!  Until then, we’ll be keeping our locations on the DL so we can learn how to do this whole truck thing without too much pressure.  ;)

Our Launch Party Saturday for Family and Friends

Last Saturday night we had an amaaaazing launch party (just for family and friends) organized by the event planning Creatlive.  The venue was perfect, the sponsors were wonderful, and the turnout was great! Here are some behind the scenes photos of the event along with a look into our Nom Nom truck + team (you will be seeing us soon!)

Unfortunately our truck wasn’t done being wrapped until right before the event, so we ended up showing up at our launch party right when it started, at 8 PM.  We were not able to prep anything on the truck before we arrived, so we ended up just cooking right on the spot when we got there.  Although it was completely chaotic in the beginning, our amazing team worked it out and the Nom Nom truck was soon up and running!

We were really lucky, for the photographer Christopher Wu got in behind the scenes during this time and took these photos to depict our experience in the truck:



Come join the Nom Nom Team!

We are currently looking for new members to add to our Nom Nom Crew!  We will be launching in about 2 weeks, and need to 4-5 employees to help us serve up our delicious Banh Mi :) Although we are a start-up and cannot promise a huge cash flow, we can promise a great experience and a fun workplace.  Interviews will occur next week in downtown LA.  We hope to see you there!

We are looking for someone who:

- Is hardworking, work longer hours

- Has a good sense of direction within the LA area

- Understands Sanitation laws

- Has great communication and teamwork skills

- Has a perfect driving record with driver’s license (no DUI)

- Older than 18

- Has experience in the food service industry (this is preferable, although not absolutely necessary)

- Have a love for food (especially our Banh Mi!)

Please send all resumes to: [email protected]

The subject of the email should be Resume.  Thank you! :)

Our Truck, pre-”Nom Nom”-ization!


Jenn, Misa and I went out to the Road Stoves ( lot on Thursday to check out our truck and practice driving it for the first time!  Allison Torneros (, our designer, also joined us to take measurements of the truck and get inspired before coming up with our final design.  The truck may not look like much now, but once Allison is done with it, it’s gonna be the sweetest-lookin ride driving down the 10! 

Before meeting our goal of bringing banh mi to the Westside, we’re going to have to learn how to drive our massive truck over there!  Our lesson started with simply driving forwards and in reverse, getting a feel for the handling, acceleration and brakes.  Let me tell you folks, the brakes are NOT like a normal car.  Ample planning time must be factored in to any stop…so if you ever see us driving down the street, I would recommend switching lanes if you happen to be in front of us.  ;)  After some practice, I think we all started to get the hang of driving.  We still have another few weeks before we have to really get out there, so we’ll get as much practice time in as possible before then.

Press Roundup!


We got some great press hits over the past week, including a mention in Elina Shatkin’s taco truck article in the LA Times this past Wednesday, a nice write up in the new Grub Street: Los Angeles food blog by Hadley Tomicki, and a very extensive interview with by Cyrus Farivar!  Thank you everyone for the features!  We are all so grateful for the interest in our little truck!

Nom Nom Visits the “Godfather”


Misa and I took a trip out to meet with the “Godfather” of mobile food trucks (at least that’s what I like to call him), Morris Appel, owner of Road Stoves (  For those of you who don’t know, this is the guy who has been an integral part of the recent mobile food truck boom in Los Angeles, and a staple in the traditional mobile food truck scene for…well…forever!  With more than 80 trucks in his possession, Morris is “the Don” of the mobile food scene in Los Angeles…and he’s just getting started.  ;)  Kogi works with him, Green Truck works with him, Barbies-Q works with him…and now, Nom Nom is going to work with him!  We’re super stoked to be involved with such great company and get a chance to share in the comradery among the different trucks in the “Road Stove family.” 

In fact, while we were at the Road Stove lot, we happened to run into the Kogi crew, gearing up for the day!  Roy Choi, the head chef for Kogi, told us that Morris was “the best in the business”, so that’s pretty much all we needed to hear! 

Now it’s just a matter of outfitting the truck with a few key appliances we need to make some kick-ass banh mi and painting/decorating our truck with some crazy “nom nom” graphics, and we’re ready to go!  Late August is just around the corner!