My Trip to France

Bon Jour! While Dave and Misa were hard at work on Nom Nom, I took a lil’ detour to France on an eye-opening and belt-loosening experience!  When it comes to the iconic baquette, theres nothing like visiting the motherland.  I was way excited with all the many boulangeries and loved seeing glimpses of baguettes poking out of totes and backpacks.  No wonder Vietnam embraces the baguette. So portable and satisfying!  The filling of traditional French sandwiches, although more delicate in taste and texture, really helps us in understanding how the banh mi came to be :)



Nom Nom Photoshoot


We had our second photoshoot for Nom Nom today and it was soooo fun!  I just got a new haircut for a hair campaign last week (similar to Lime Cat’s), and it actually fits in pretty well with the Banh Mi theme :)

To see close-ups of our shoot today, visit our album here!


Nom Nom in! Wooo! just did a short write up about us!  Thanks!  I think we owe them lunch some time in August.  ;)


LA Weekly Just Blogged About Nom Nom Truck!

Our first press hit!  Thanks to our friends over at, who passed along our information to their editor at LA Weekly this past weekend, we just had a blog post written about us!  How exciting!


Nom Nom Truck Website Officially Launched!


The Nom Nom Truck Website is now officially launched!  For those of you who don’t already know, Nom Nom Truck is a new mobile food truck that will serve “Banh Mi”, or Vietnamese sandwiches, along with other Vietnamese-inspired food.  (Yes, we WILL have tacos…this is Los Angeles, after all.)  We will primarily hover around West Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, Westwood…) due to the distinct lack of “Banh Mi” in the area.  Now, you may have noticed that we’ve been using words like “will serve”.  That is because we are not yet in operation!  We currently plan to launch of truck some time in August.  But have no fear, you can still track our progress on this Web site, our Twitter account, or our Facebook page!  We’ll be making posts documenting all the hoops, hurdles and pitfalls we’ll have to navigate through to get our Nom Nom Truck running.  It’s definitely going to be an interesting summer!

New Banh Mi Pics for Nom Nom!

Impromtu Banh Mi photo shoot

Impromtu Banh Mi photo shoot

Since we just launched our Web site recently and had been using some Banh Mi pics that weren’t ours as placeholder images, we thought it was time to get some of our own pics on our Web site.  Never mind the fact that when we emailed the people who owned the original pics we first posted, they told us we weren’t allowed to use them because they had already sold the rights to another party.  ;)   In any case, today we had a little impromtu photo shoot!  We really just took the photos to serve as a placeholder for the time being, and will probably do something a little more professional down the line, but I think they turned out pretty damn great!  Thank you Mr. Quan Wong (my roomate) for helping!  Larger pics posted on Flickr for now…click thumbnails below.

Grilled Pork Banh Mi Lemongrass Chicken Taco Lemongrass Chicken Taco Banh Mi Taco Combo!  Grilled Pork and Dac Biet Banh Mi  Banh Mi - Close Up Grilled Pork Banh Mi

Food Handler’s Certificate Class…COMPLETE!

Instructor "Jimmy" lecturing about food safety

Instructor "Jimmy" lecturing about food safety

That’s right folks, Nom Nom Truck is now officially certified to handle your food!  In preparation for our launch, Misa and I took a food handler’s class today and received our temporary certificates!  We won’t get our real certificates until after we receive our final test results in four weeks (plenty of time before we actually open our truck), but since we took the 6 hour class, we at least got a temporary pass.  Misa and I are both pretty awesome, so there’s no doubt in my mind that we totally aced the test.  >>more

Nom Nom Tacos Trial!

Lemongrass Chicken Taco

Lemongrass Chicken Taco

Had a little potluck dinner at my apartment last night, and since I hadn’t made the lemongrass chicken tacos for the majority of the people coming over that night, I figured I may as well do another test run to see what people thought.  The result?  They liked it!  w00t! >>more