Catering specials for the Holidays! Book us for your Holiday Party today! :D

Hi guys! Up until the end of the Holiday season, we will be offering very special catering packages to suit your needs! Whether its for your Holiday party, wedding, office party, you-name-it, Nom Nom Truck will be there for you! For a limited time only we will have a special deal to request our truck for evening shifts. Book our Nom Nom truck (the Nominator) before the end of the year for only $650 minimum!* Please download our current catering packages here!

Feel free to email us with any questions!

Don’t want to wait in a 30 person line for Banh Mi, but still cravin’ that juicy Homemade Grilled Pork Banh Mi? We now offer affordable Catered Delivery options, and we can delivery right to your doorstep! Download our Catering Delivery packages here!

Don’t feel like catering Banh Mi or Tacos? Or would you like an additional option on the menu? We also now can create custom menus to suit your event! Some additional options our chef has made in the past include:

-Fresh Green Papaya Salad with sliced almonds

-Crispy Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage

-Vietnamese coleslaw with mandarin orange

-Glass noodles with sauteed vegetables

-Shrimp Springrolls with creamy peanut sauce

*Does not include service fees or CA sales tax.

UCLA and USC on Thursday


UCLA vs. USC...which school will win Nom Nom Truck's heart?

We’ll be heading out to UCLA this Thursday for lunch, then on over to USC for a night shift (hope we can find good parking…anyone want to save us a spot?).  I wonder which spot we’ll get more people to show up?  It may not be the Rose Bowl, but GAME ON!  ;P

11:00AM-2:00PM: at UCLA on Gayley and Strathmore Blvd. in Westwood
9:30PM-12:30AM: USC Frat Row (if we can find parking…if not, somewhere nearby)

Nom Nom <3 Cool Haus! German TV Joins the Love-fest!


We headed out to Encino for the first time this Tuesday for lunch, and we had Cool Haus join us for a great afternoon up in the Valley!  Not only did Cool Haus hook it up with every type of ice-cream sandwich in existence for all the Nom Nom truckers, they also made special “Cool Haus loves Nom Nom” edible wrappers!!!  Wow…if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.  =P  Check out the pics below to see the awesome custom edible wrapper they made!

In addition to having Cool Haus with us yesterday afternoon, we also had a correspondent from N24 German national television come out to interview both Cool Haus and Nom Nom Truck!  They were putting together a piece about LA gourmet food trucks, and drove all the way out to meet us on location!  Apparently N24 is comparable to CNN here in the US, so that’s pretty freakin’ awesome!  We took some pics of Misa doing the interview.  We’ll be sure to post the video link up when the story airs.  Should be fun!  =D


New Sched up for Nov 2nd Week!

We’re so excited about this week: co-shift with CoolHaus ice cream (mmmm cinnamon ice creeeeam!), our first lunch shift in Sherman Oaks, and stoppin’ by to USC frat row on Thursday. It’s gonna be another busy week! :D

Nightmare on Nom Nom Street

We had an absolute blast running around LA for Halloween weekend.  Zombiethon and the 6th Street Halloween Block Party was soooo much fun and we loved everyone that came up dressed in their cute/scary/weird costumes! Tacos all around!

Sadly, we got the boot from the popos at about 1am, so the Nominator had to turn into a pumpkin. :(  Oh wellz…we are still very much ready to hit the streets with all the tasty banh mi (I welcome all costumes for amusement).

Special thanks to Jill, Alex and Dan for inviting us out!!


French Girl (Jenn) and Hippie (Misa) luv tasty baguettes (Hi Santa!)

Our Halloween Schedule! Don’t know what to do on Halloween? Come visit the Nom! Drumroll Please . . .

Eeeeee!! Soooo excited about our sched for Halloween, I worked very hard to find the right events for the NOM and let’s just say we are supppeeeer stoked for this Saturday!!! Okay now enough for the exclamation marks, drumroll pleeeaseee . . .

First off, 4-6 PM we will be servin’ up some Noms to the Zombiethon in Silverlake. Hold on to your guns peeps, this ain’t no ordinary Zombiefest, these Zombies will be running to raise donations for City of Hope, brain cancer research. We’ll be servin’ foooood along side our friends at Coolhaus, which we are VERY excited about! ;)

At the event, $10 donation to the City of Hope is encouraged!


Next stop, HUGE block party on 6th St. near Mid-Wilshire! Over 1,000 people are expected, and for a $20 entry fee (along with a can to donate to the LA food bank) you get OPEN bar all night! If you would like to learn more info about this event, please email [email protected] for more information!

Event runs from 9-2 AM, and we will be there during that time!

We feel that it is our duty to serve Banh Mi and tacos to the masses of Halloweeners scouring the block for some delicious eats ;D see ya’ll there!


Nom Nom at The Brig (bar) Tonight in Venice! Giveaways Galore!


As we do every Wednesday night, Nom Nom Truck is headed out to The Brig at 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice from 8pm till 11pm (maybe later)!  Tonight, however, we’re going to try and spice things up a bit!  Anyone coming in their Halloween costume will get 2 free tacos!  Come on out and give your costume a test run tonight!  We’ll also have a fun grab bag filled with chances to win free tacos and banh mi!  Just stick your hand in the bag and pick out a piece of paper for your chance to win some free food! 

Free tacos and banh mi, costumes, and beer (at The Brig, of course)!  Come on out for some great food and a great time!  Om nom nom nom nommmmm….!

Here are the little slips of paper we’ll have in our grab bag.  Good luck pulling a winner!


Wear a costume this week (Mon-Friday) and get a FREE taco!

UPDATE! We’re continuing this costume deal til’ Friday peeps! Yep that’s right, get your Halloween on!! :D

Hey guys! So here’s the deal: wear a costume to the Nom Nom Truck this week, and you get a free taco! Yep, that’s right, not much to it, but please be creative, and we’re talking full-on costumes, not just saying your dressed as a business man :-P Okay I know ma costume’s a lil’ goofy below (yes I was “construction” for one Halloween), but the point is we need to see a legit costume peeps, you gotta work for that taco! ;D We’d love to see your costumes this year, and what you can come up with! Happy Halloween!!!!

halloween free taco

Nom Nom Truck Schedule for Halloween Week!

Catering opportunities with Nom Nom!

Hi ya’ll, Misa here, da Mom of the Nom.  One of my jobs as Mom of the Nom is organizing all of ya’ll’s catering needs!  I’ve been a techie lately and set up a questionnaire you can fill out online that will be sent to us, allowing us to put together the best catering package for you!  Please note that we offer two forms of catering, delivering lovely and delicious Banh Mi and tacos to you or having our truck come out to you and serving you amaaazing food on the spot!  Click here if you would like a catered delivery, and click here if you would like our truck to cater your upcoming event!