Comin’ to the UCLA campus this Thursday 14th!

Here’s a lil’ treasure map (ya you KNOW I luv ma treasure maps!) of where we will be on the UCLA campus this Thursday. If you’re a Bruin or work @ UCLA, feel free to stop by to show some luuuuv! We’ll be open 10:45-2:30 PM, so come n’ see us! ;D
Nom Nom Treasure map ucla

Win FREE Banh Mi for a week!

Okay ya’ll I know this is the day all you Banh Mi luvaaas have been waitin’ for! Do you want to win free Banh Mi for a week? (I believe I hear a resounding heeeellz ya?) Here’s what you need to do to enter our FRIENDS and FANS contest!:

1. Invite all of your facebook friends to our facebook group (find us here!), take a screenshot of the invite, and send it to [email protected]!

How to take a screenshot:
PCs: Press the PrintScreen Button (PrtScr) - Top right hand side of your keyboard, and then copy and paste your image somehow in a document and attach it in the email.
Macs:Press (APPLE BUTTON) + (SHIFT) + (3), the picture should appear on your desktop

We will pick a lucky winner each day this week (Thurs, Friday and Saturday!) It takes one second, so start now Banh Mi luvvaaas!

*Please note: the giftcard allows you to get up to one free Banh Mi each day

Cheers to a new year! (With many great things to come!)

As this new year approaches, we look back on 2009 and cannot believe how far Nom Nom has come. Although we did not launch until August 2009, we came up with the bringing-Banh Mi-to-LA concept back in March. Even though nothing could have prepared us for what was to come (how were we to know that we would run out of Banh Mi within 30 minutes into our launch?!), 2009 was an amazin’ year for the Nom. Although we will be entering 2010 minus a partner (David will be off onto other non-Nom things), we feel confident that we have many more great moments to come in 2010- new Beef Banh Mi sandwich, feature in our fav magazine (Sunset!), and possible Brick and Mortar location!- and we hope that you will be there to share those wonderful moments with us.

Without our fans (you! :D) we would not be here today. We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all of the dedication and support you have offered Nom Nom these last 6 months. You all were there to tell us our parking meter was low, give us the low down on locations, and spread the word about the Nom! Without you, there would be no Nom Nom, and we are so grateful for your ongoing luv of the Nom!

With luv with wishing you an amazing new year,
Your Nom Nom gals,
Misa + Jen


We're the Food Truck of the Week!

Thanks to our Nom Nom friends on Twitter we found out we’re the Food Truck of the Week on Zagat!  We are so excited for being featured on such a reputable site…early Christmas gift for us!

We are all working really hard in making Nom Nom Truck better and tastier on our journey (heck…I’m even surprised how well we’ve gotten at driving the Nominator in crrrazy LA!)  Thank you everyone for your love and support!  Looking forward to 2010!


756Jumping photos is very much in order!  (Gosh I jumped like a foot…laaame).

Nom Nom

Usually it’s pretty easy to find a bright neon green truck with a smiley face, but unfortunately when we serve Lionsgate, it can be very very tricky to find us! We have created this handy-dandy treasure map to help you find us (thanks to the help of amazin’ google maps!) and we hope that you can spot us easily this Wednesday!

Please note that you can enter the little alley we are on either by 26th avenue or from Stewart, see ya’ll soon!nomnomtreasuremap

Want to be notified when we come to your area?

Hi y’all, long time no talk! Want to be notified when we come to your neighborhood but don’t follow us on twitter?
We now have a notification system we can send you through our Google calendar, letting you know when we’re comin’ round the mountain to your lunch or dinna location. Here’s what the notification will look like below (yes it’s supa spiffy!) Also if for some reason the location is cancelled due to a mechanical issue with the truck or weather (rain go away!) we will also send you a cancellation notice of the shift.
If you would like to receive an email notifying you when we’re coming to your neighborhood, please email us at [email protected] with your location (it has to be one that we go to regularly!) and email. Thank you for all of your support, and see you out there on tha streeets!

There’s a Storm a Brewin’…


Monday’s forcast calls for heavy rain, so we’ve decided to sit this one out.  We’ll be back out on the streets starting Tuesday!  Check out the latest schedule update to your right!  Hope to see you out there munchin on some tasty banh mi come Tuesday!

Nom Nom Truck Now ARMORED!


ARMORED swag bag from Sony

The fine folks over at Sony sent us a box of swag for the new movie ARMORED (you know, that movie about some security guys robbing a truck full of money starring Matt Dillon…MATT DILLON!  Lawrence Fishburne is also in it…)  to hand out to our happy Nom Nom visitors this week.  So beginning Wednesday afternoon we’ll be handing out free ARMORED t-shirts and movie passes to see an advanced screening at The Bridge Cinema De Lux (the big theatre off the 405) on Thursday, December 3 at 7:30 pm.  If you want to see the movie a day early, and for free, come drop by the truck to grab your tickets!

Nom Nom Schedule!

Photo courtesy Lindsay William-Ross/LAist

Photo courtesy Lindsay William-Ross/LAist

After a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, we’re back to hittin’ the streets, serving our famous Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches! We’re headed to a few new locations this week, most notably heading out to downtown LA for lunch for the first time! We’re planning to be somewhere near 5th and Olive St. by Joe’s Autopark. We don’t know the area all that well, so hopefully everything works out just fine. Hope to see all your hungry DT’ers out there!

The rest of the week we’ll be spending a lot of time on the Westside, with some Hollywood, Little Tokyo and Silverlake mixed in. This Friday we’ll be back on Abbot Kinney for “First Friday”, which is always fun! Last month there were 16 food trucks out there! It was a pretty surreal experience and we highly recommend coming out to sample all the food! With the introduction of a few new trucks (Frysmith, Little Spoons, Buttermilk to name a few), we may hit a new food truck record out there this Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! See you out at the truck!

Black Friday! (and weekend) Shop ’til you drop + Nom Nom Truck!

We are partnering up with some great companies this Friday and Saturday for their Holiday shopping events!

Friday November 27th, 10-1 PM:It all kicks off Friday servin’ up some NOMS at the Chinese Laundry store (aaaah if you’re crazy about shoes this is the sale for you!), we will be there from 10-1 PM and you will get a FREE taco with Chinese Laundry purchase!

1:30-4:30 PM: We will then head off to West Hollywood to one of our fav shoppin’ areas- Melrose in Weho! Hollaaaaa! With a live DJ, great vintage clothing, art show and a free taco with proof of purchase from boutique, what more could you ask for? We’re luvin’ the haute graphics on this flyer:
black friday girl final

Saturday November 28th, 12-6 PM: OK peeps in Pasadena, Nom Nom will finally be there for you this Saturday! Hooorrraaay! We will be a part of the Old Pasadena Holiday Shopping event on Saturday, and teaming up with the beautiful shop known as Onesipkim! Jewelry sample sale, DJ, and a free taco with any purchase from the boutique will make your Saturday shoppin’ the perfect way to spend your weekend in Pasadena. See more info on the flyer below:

And btw, Happy Thanksgiving peeps!!!