Nom Nom

Usually its pretty easy to find a bright neon green truck with a smiley face, but unfortunately when we serve Lionsgate, it can be very very tricky to find us! We have created this handy-dandy treasure map to help you find us (thanks to the help of amazin google maps!) and we hope that you can spot us easily this Wednesday!

Please note that you can enter the little alley we are on either by 26th avenue or from Stewart, see yall soon!nomnomtreasuremap

3 comments to Treasure map for our shift at Lionsgate in Santa Monica!

  • joni

    the alley is the driveway of the loading dock behind the 2700 colorado building. there might be times when a delivery truck is parked either in front of or behind the bright green nom nom truck, which makes it even harder to spot it so just look a little bit harder :)

  • John

    I wish you had posted this earlier in the morning, *before* I left my house. I drove around for twenty minutes trying to find you guys.

  • PB

    Do any of the people in the truck have and iPhone or other smart phone? My partner and I wrote the Taco Loco app for locating and tracking food trucks. We would love to work with you on a way to make sure your location is up to date on the app. Reply to the e-mail or tweet @tacolocoapp.

    Congrads on all of your success in 2009!

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