Nom Nom Truck Schedule for Halloween Week!

Catering opportunities with Nom Nom!

Hi ya’ll, Misa here, da Mom of the Nom.  One of my jobs as Mom of the Nom is organizing all of ya’ll’s catering needs!  I’ve been a techie lately and set up a questionnaire you can fill out online that will be sent to us, allowing us to put together the best catering package for you!  Please note that we offer two forms of catering, delivering lovely and delicious Banh Mi and tacos to you or having our truck come out to you and serving you amaaazing food on the spot!  Click here if you would like a catered delivery, and click here if you would like our truck to cater your upcoming event!


We are hiring!

Since we are now doing up to three shifts a day (oh my!) we are now expanding our workforce! If you are interested in serving Banh Mi, Vietnamese tacos, and much more to college students, corporate offices, and the nightlife crowd, please feel free to apply!

Although our position does pay minimum wage, there is a lot of room for growth within our company, since we are a young start up.  Please read below, for the full details of this position.

The duties of this position include:

-assembling delicious Banh Mi sandwiches and Vietnamese tacos

-wrapping sandwiches to go

-calling out and passing out orders to customers

-working at the window and taking orders (eventually after some training)

We are looking for someone who:

-loves food, and loves our food!

-Available for at least three three hour shifts a week

-has experience in customer service, and is interested in marketing our product (when taking orders at the window)

-quick, saavy, and can wear many hats in the workplace, works well under time constraints and stress. Working in the truck is a fast-paced environment, and we need you to keep up with our orders! J

-friendly and loves to work with others, cooperation is key

Please send your resume to [email protected], along with a short description as to why you would like to work with us. Please put “Resume” in the subject of your email. Thank you!


Schedule for Week of October 12th!


Our new weekly schedule is up, and we have a few new locations and a few oldies on there!  As promised, we’re beginning to head out to the Silver Lake/Echo Park area a little more, and we start with Tuesday at 2515 Beverly Blvd. for lunch! We’re also heading out to the Lionsgate Building, Bar Lubitsch, The Avalon, Myspace, the Promenade, and Little Tokyo for the first time this week!  Whew, that’s a lot of new locations!  It’s always a little stressful going to a location for the first time.  We never know how the parking situation is going to play out, how the crowd is going to be, how much food to bring, etc… Hopefully we see a lot of you out there and we have a great time!

Thursday Night: LA Art Walk and Footsies with DJ Wildcat!

We just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that we’ll be at LA Art Walk in downtown LA tonight for the first time!  We managed to get a reserved area in a parking lot on 401 Spring St. (4th and Spring)!  After attending Art Walk, we’ll be down at Footsies Bar (2640 N. Figueroa St.) with DJ Wildcat & Brut for a night of old school funk, hip hop and 80s!  Come on out and see us!


New Weekly Schedule Is Up!


UPDATE: We had a slight change to our weekly schedule at the last minute!  We have switched our Thursday and Friday lunch locations, so now we’re doing 5900 Wilshire Blvd. on THURSDAY and UCLA on FRIDAY!  Sorry about the last minute change!  It turns out 5900 Wilshire is having a special Health Fair event this Thursday, and they asked that we bring our Nom Nom Truck to attend!  We certainly didn’t want to turn them down, so we had to fudge with the schedule a little bit.  Hope to see you out there!

We just set our schedule for the week of October 5th!  We’re finally going to try getting out on a Monday this week, and Hollywood is the lucky location that we’re heading to!  We’ve been out there by the CNN building before, and it went pretty well!  Hopefully we can get a decent crowd again!  Later this Monday night we’ve been asked to park in front of Crown Bar (7321 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood), where there will be a standup comedy fundraiser.  The fundraiser is a night of standup featuring many of today’s top stand up comics including Nick Kroll (Best Week Ever), Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation), TJ Miller (Cloverfield),  MONROK (California’s Funniest Female), Matt Braunger (MADtv), and Maria Shehata (Comedy Central). All of the proceeds go directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

We’ve got some new locations on the schedule this week, with Renee’s and Footsie’s coming into the mix!  UCLA is back on the schedule as well, as is 26th and Pennsylvania (where we haven’t been able to go to for a little while now).  We’re also heading out to downtown Los Angeles for Art Walk for the first time this week!  We hear it gets pretty busy out there!

As always, the weekly schedule is always subject to change (although it’s usually pretty accurate).  In case we can’t find parking or we get booted from our spot for some reason, we’ll do our best to update on Twitter.  Hope to see you out there this week!  =D

Nom Nom Twitter Giveaway!


Now that we’re finally getting settled and into the swing of things, we can start doing some fun promotional activities!  Keep an eye out on our Web site for announcements on all sorts of new activities, promotions and giveaways in the coming months!  To start things off…

Nom Nom is holding its first ever Twitter giveaway, starting September 29th and going on until October 9th!  During that time, for every 100 new Twitter followers we get, we will give away 10 free tacos and 5 free banh mi!  Winners will receive either two free tacos or one free banh mi…that way we can give out lots of small prizes to lots of people, instead of just one big one!  Winning followers will be selected at random and sent a direct message via Twitter!  Then, all you have to do is come out to the truck within the next 30 days and claim your free food!  So head on over to Twitter and follow us today! Hooray! 

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about all our loyal Twitter fans who have already been following us for quite some time!  After all, it wouldn’t be fair to just give away food to the newcomers, would it?  We will also be giving away free tacos and banh mi to our current followers, so just keep an eye out for a direct message from “nomnomtruck” with instructions on how to claim your food!

Nom Nom Feeds Banh Mi to the Masses at Abbot Kinney Festival


Whew, what a day!  Nom Nom Truck headed out to the 25th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival this past Sunday to serve our banh mi to the fine people of Venice and West Los Angeles!  An expected 150,000 people were in attendance, and our truck and crew definitely felt the crowds!  We had a great time out there, and the vibe and energy of the entire area was electric!  We had lines from 10:00 am until closing down at 6:00 pm, so I think we definitely filled some hungry stomaches and introduced banh mi to some new people.  Overall it was a great day, great business, great customers, and great company.   

We arrived super early in the morning, before Abbot Kinney Blvd. was closed off.  The festival set up a little side street specifically for food trucks, which was really cool.  Fellow food trucks Gastro Bus, Baby’s Badass Burgers, Get Shaved, Cool Haus, Dosa Truck, Dough Dough’s, and Border Grill were all in attendance with us!  (Thank you Dosa, Get Shaved and Cool Haus for the awesome food and treats!)  I think festival visitors really appreciated the “food court” style truck parade we had going there, with a wide variety of foods and desserts right at their finger tips! 

We’ll be looking forward to heading back out there in another year!  After that 8 hour shift, we may need that long to recover!

Honda <3 Nom Nom truck!


Last week Nom Nom Truck ventured off to South Bay and parked at the Honda Building in Torrance.  Even though food trucks are only allowed in a specific street located about fifteen minutes from the offices, people came out for their lunch break with a lil’ leg stretch to try us out! Special thank you for the whole Research and Development department for spreading the good eats!

We are all getting accustomed to driving the Nom out on the freeway and trying out new locations (which evidently means the occasional hairy u-turns and jigsaw puzzle-like parking situations).  Thank you for those that came out from all over South Bay from our Twitter as well. We will surely be back to provide you with the banh mi fix!


Nom Nom at Abbot Kinney Festival This Sunday!

2008 Abbot Kinney Festival, courtesy of
2008 Abbot Kinney Festival, courtesy of

Nom Nom Truck is headed out to the 25th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival this Sunday, September 27!  We’ve been invited out to set up shop at The Brig on 1515 Abbot Kinney, and will be there from 10:00am until 6:00pm…or until food runs out!  More than 150,000 people are expected to show up to the festival, so we’re not quite sure what to expect aside from it being absolutely CRAZY!  We’ve got our entire team working at some point throughout the day, so we’ll all be doing our best to crank out the banh mi and feed all our hungry fans!

There are going to be a ton of vendors, too many bands and musical performers to list, and ridiculous amount of activities out there!  For more information on the festival, including directions, music schedule, list of exhibitors, or anything else you may want to know, please visit  See that picture above?  That’s a shot of the crowd from last year!  Crazy!  If you want to get your “nom” on, maybe heading out sooner rather than later would be best!  We’ll see you out there!  =D