We are hiring!

Since we are now doing up to three shifts a day (oh my!) we are now expanding our workforce! If you are interested in serving Banh Mi, Vietnamese tacos, and much more to college students, corporate offices, and the nightlife crowd, please feel free to apply!

Although our position does pay minimum wage, there is a lot of room for growth within our company, since we are a young start up.  Please read below, for the full details of this position.

The duties of this position include:

-assembling delicious Banh Mi sandwiches and Vietnamese tacos

-wrapping sandwiches to go

-calling out and passing out orders to customers

-working at the window and taking orders (eventually after some training)

We are looking for someone who:

-loves food, and loves our food!

-Available for at least three three hour shifts a week

-has experience in customer service, and is interested in marketing our product (when taking orders at the window)

-quick, saavy, and can wear many hats in the workplace, works well under time constraints and stress. Working in the truck is a fast-paced environment, and we need you to keep up with our orders! J

-friendly and loves to work with others, cooperation is key

Please send your resume to [email protected], along with a short description as to why you would like to work with us. Please put “Resume” in the subject of your email. Thank you!


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