Mark your calendars for Bone Marrow Drive at UCLA!

Hi guys, we have been lucky enough to serve food at a very important event- we are partnering with Be the Match and UCLA grad students to try to find a Bone Marrow Match for Janet, a 22-year-old UCLA student who was diagnosed with leukemia while finishing her BA as an Undergraduate student. [...]

Catering specials for the Holidays! Book us for your Holiday Party today! :D

Hi guys! Up until the end of the Holiday season, we will be offering very special catering packages to suit your needs! Whether its for your Holiday party, wedding, office party, you-name-it, Nom Nom Truck will be there for you! For a limited time only we will have a special deal to [...]

New Sched up for Nov 2nd Week!

We’re so excited about this week: co-shift with CoolHaus ice cream (mmmm cinnamon ice creeeeam!), our first lunch shift in Sherman Oaks, and stoppin’ by to USC frat row on Thursday. It’s gonna be another busy week! :D

Our Halloween Schedule! Don’t know what to do on Halloween? Come visit the Nom! Drumroll Please . . .

Eeeeee!! Soooo excited about our sched for Halloween, I worked very hard to find the right events for the NOM and let’s just say we are supppeeeer stoked for this Saturday!!! Okay now enough for the exclamation marks, drumroll pleeeaseee . . .

First off, 4-6 PM we will be servin’ up some Noms to [...]

Wear a costume this week (Mon-Friday) and get a FREE taco!

UPDATE! We’re continuing this costume deal til’ Friday peeps! Yep that’s right, get your Halloween on!! :D

Hey guys! So here’s the deal: wear a costume to the Nom Nom Truck this week, and you get a free taco! Yep, that’s right, not much to it, but please be creative, and we’re talking full-on [...]

Nom Nom Truck Schedule for Halloween Week!

Catering opportunities with Nom Nom!

Hi ya’ll, Misa here, da Mom of the Nom.  One of my jobs as Mom of the Nom is organizing all of ya’ll’s catering needs!  I’ve been a techie lately and set up a questionnaire you can fill out online that will be sent to us, allowing us to put together the best catering package [...]

We are hiring!

Since we are now doing up to three shifts a day (oh my!) we are now expanding our workforce! If you are interested in serving Banh Mi, Vietnamese tacos, and much more to college students, corporate offices, and the nightlife crowd, please feel free to apply!

Although our position does pay minimum wage, there is a [...]

Cheers to the Goodwill of the Nom!

As you all know, we always buy our bread fresh in San Gabriel Valley every single day (hey it’s gotta always be light and fluffy on the inside and supa crispy on the outside right?).  However, as a consequence of doing that, we do often have baguettes and also meat left over at the end [...]

Schedule For This Week!

We’re working on ramping up our truck schedule this week, with the ultimate goal of getting out 5 to 6 times a week for both lunch and evening services.  However, we’re still learning what to expect in terms of crowds and how much food we should bring out, so we we’re not quite ready to go [...]