One year anniversary: what should we do?

Hi Nomsters! Our one year anniversary is approaching (time flies when you’re nommin’ away!) and we are currently brainstorming what to do! If you have any ideas, please feel free to send ‘em on over to [email protected]. You guys are our fans and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, [...]

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Nom Nom Truck

Shout out to our fans

Hello Loyal Nomsters! We know you guys have been missing us, don’t fret, we’ve been missing you guys too! Thanks to your love and support, we can keep doing what we do.

We wanted to give some of you guys who have pictures with the Nomster a big shout out by posting some of the images [...]

We now offer gift certificates!

Hooray! You can now purchase gift certificates for some NOMS through our website! Here’s how it goes:

1. Click then button below (button is also on our “Request” page!
2. Fill out your payment information
3. Print out certificate
4. Bring it to our truck to redeem
5. NOM on some NOMS! nomnomnomnonommmmm

Feel [...]

Help Support Haiti Disaster Relief with Nom Nom

A week has gone by since the horrific Haiti earthquake, with groups and non-profits trying their hardest to help those in need. We at Nom Nom Truck are glad to be part of the Food Trucks for Haiti event at Tlofts to do our part in raising money for relief efforts.  We are donating ALL [...]

A note to all customers/fans in the DTLA area

Comin’ to the UCLA campus this Thursday 14th!

Here’s a lil’ treasure map (ya you KNOW I luv ma treasure maps!) of where we will be on the UCLA campus this Thursday. If you’re a Bruin or work @ UCLA, feel free to stop by to show some luuuuv! We’ll be open 10:45-2:30 PM, so come n’ see us! ;D

Win FREE Banh Mi for a week!

Okay ya’ll I know this is the day all you Banh Mi luvaaas have been waitin’ for! Do you want to win free Banh Mi for a week? (I believe I hear a resounding heeeellz ya?) Here’s what you need to do to enter our FRIENDS and FANS contest!:

1. Invite all [...]

Nom Nom

Usually it’s pretty easy to find a bright neon green truck with a smiley face, but unfortunately when we serve Lionsgate, it can be very very tricky to find us! We have created this handy-dandy treasure map to help you find us (thanks to the help of amazin’ google maps!) and we hope that [...]

Black Friday! (and weekend) Shop ’til you drop + Nom Nom Truck!

We are partnering up with some great companies this Friday and Saturday for their Holiday shopping events!

Friday November 27th, 10-1 PM:It all kicks off Friday servin’ up some NOMS at the Chinese Laundry store (aaaah if you’re crazy about shoes this is the sale for you!), we will be there from 10-1 PM and [...]