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Press Update

What up Nomsters?!

We hope you guys arent missing us too much while were doing our mega Nom Nom napage. While we were away we got a chance to catch up on some reading and check out what we saw! We made it into the latest Travel and Leisure. Tell us what you think!

Have you guys spotted us anywhere else on the news stands? Let us know!

Check us out in the latest issue at your local bookstore. By the way, dont forget to sign up to our mailing list to find out when well be Noming on the streets again.  We will see you guys soon!

Shout out to our fans

Hello Loyal Nomsters! We know you guys have been missing us, dont fret, weve been missing you guys too! Thanks to your love and support, we can keep doing what we do.

We wanted to give some of you guys who have pictures with the Nomster a big shout out by posting some of the images here!

Here we are at 1776 Main in SaMo. From awesome Pablo Valentin via Facebook.

Nom Nom Lemongrass Chicken tacos. Arent they soo purdy?! Nice photography! From pigswillb via Flickr

We love our collaboration days! Thanks for visiting darleeneisms via Flickr.

Night time Nom Nom noshing FTW! Glad you came out Guzzle & Nosh via Flickr

OMG look who! Jenn!!! daviddo via Flickr

Thanks for the awesome pictures fans! Hope to see you guys really soon. If any of your other amazing Nomsters has any pictures with the Nominator, wed totally love to see!

Anyways, well be back on the streets serving up some Nomalicious Banh Mis real soon. Sign up for our mailing list here to find out when well be back in action.

The New Nominator

Thanks to our Nomsters love and support, we have been able to upgrade our ride. The Nominator has been majorly upgraded. Freshly wrapped and is ready to serve our amazing banh mi loving Nomsters soon! Check out the new Nominator!

Tell us what you guys think!

Unfortunately the New Nominator was ready right when we started our vacationbut fear not! We will be back on the road to serve fresh and delicious banh mi to the streets of Los Angeles again really soon.

To find out when we will be back on the road please dont forget to sign up for our mailing list here.

Beer and noms @ the LA Beerfest!


We have exciting news :)  The Nomnom truck will be participating in the upcoming LA Beerfest on April 10, 2010. For those 21+ (no beer for the little nomsters), come out to LA Beerfest and enjoy some beer with your noms!

Buy your tickets now as these babies sell out ahead of time and they cannot be purchased the day of!

RSVP at our Facebook event HERE.  For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit!

Hope to see ya there, nomsters :)

2010 LA Beer Fest

Tag us in a photo w/you & our noms... get FREE NOMS FOR A WEEK!

Hey nomsters!

Its time for another FREE NOMS FOR A WEEK contest :)  Its so simple:

1.  Add us as a friend on Facebook.

2. Tag us in a photo with you and our noms.

Well pick one lucky person with the funnest, NOMmiest photo to get free Banh mi for one. full. week.  A week full of noms?!  HECK YEAH!

free noms when you add us as a friend on fb and tag us in a photo!

Ninestar Skater Event in West LA: Tomorrow Saturday March 20th!

Come celebrate with us tomorrow starting at NOON the opening of Ninestars skate park in West LA! Hope you see you there! How can ya say no to free concerts? Skatin + NOMS= priceless! :D

Tag us in your Facebook status and you could win free Banh Mi for a week!

Were givin away FREE Banh Mi to several lucky winners!

1. Just add us on facebook here

2. Tag us in a facebook update using @Nom Nom Truck

The more creative the facebook update, the more likely youll get that free Banh Mi for a week! :)

We made the news.

Nom Nom Trucks been making a splash in the media as of late.  Javier of the Teenage Glutster blog named us as one of his favorite trucks on KCRWs Good Food segment over the weekend.  Saveur did a special LA issue in a quest for tasty tacos, favoring our Lemongrass Chicken tacos (I do too).  Finally, Sunset dug our banh mi & taco combos as one of their choice  trucks.  The Nomster truck was also prominently featured in all its bright green glory on a full page spread in Sunset. And what do my eyes spy? Its the girls!  Hey Jen & Misa! Yes, soak in that limelight.

Its been a very good month for the Nomster.

Mucho Carne

When were not eating banh mi, we get a little excited by the copious amounts of taco trucks/stands in L.A.  A staple taco gets a lil Nom Nom makeover. Hope you like it!