A HUGE huge thank you to Central Market!!! We <3 you!

For our food truck stop in Fort Worth, we have the amazing staff at the Central Market to be thankful for!! We honestly do not know what we would do without your great kindness and help. A HUGE thank you to Shannon, Randall, Buddy and all of the wonderful people of Central Market. We luv you all, and we are sending tons of Nom Nom love your way!!! Thank you! :D

To find out more about Central Market, please visit their website here, or you can become their fan on facebook here.

5 comments to A HUGE huge thank you to Central Market!!! We <3 you!

  • Scott

    You girls are killing the competition! Id love to see a complete sweep. Cant wait for next weeks episode! :)

  • Darrin M.

    You guys really rock, I have been watching the race on the Food Netwrok, and you guys are an inspiration to me. Do you guys do any consulting?

  • Central Market

    Nom Nom Truck WOW!!! What a great show with you guys being so kind as to come to Central Market! Buddy looked awesome and all of our fans are wanting to know when youll come back. Heres to your continued victory in the race were watching and cheering for our Nom Nom friends! xoxo, Central Market in Texas
    PS When you guys win, well see about putting a special Banh Mi on the cafe menu as a salute!

  • Mike

    Three for three! This is my new favorite TV show. :) Keep up the great work and good luck!

  • amy

    NomNom, you guys are rocks!!! You must and will win for the fianl. My whole family wants you to win. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit Plano, Texas. Texas loves you all :)

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