Awesome custom truck on

Just got an email from a fellow Nomster in Puerto Rico! We luv to hear from our Nomsters from around the world, and this email especially made us smile :) Rufino M. created a mini nom nom truck for his race car on, even along with its own lil nom nom girl! We <3 it! Hopefully one day we will be able to expand the NOM to Puerto Rico :). Rufino, we will keep you posted!

4 comments to Awesome custom custom Nom Nom truck on

  • Anthony

    So cute..haha ^^

    Saw yall win today on Great Food Truck race again! Keep it up the great work spreading the Banh mi love~~

    (Now..if only you all could come to Philly XD)

  • santiago perez

    when will you guys will come to south texas, to be exact mission, texas

  • Melissa (aka misa)

    Good thinking on the branding. Looks like you got alot of creative people backing you up. The name nom nom relates to the all those viral video. Cookie monster says om nom nom. haha

  • Anne

    heyy i love ur truck. im viet too!!!XD u guys always win. hope u win the 50 grand. good luck. nom nom nom. luv ur logo.
    [email protected] i would luv an email from u

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