2 comments to Melanie

  • Carl Alexander

    Melanie is gorgeous! (From her biased Grandpa!)

  • Marli Davis

    Came to see you guys at Long Beach, had to thank you but did not have the words, my Dad (my Idol) passed to Heaven on August 3rd, 2 months ago and watching your show and positive attitude was the only thing that gave me an hours rest once a week. So now I can say THANK YOU!!!!! I was too embarrassed in person.
    You Misa, are more adorable and sweet in person than I could have imagined. I am 58 year old female, and wisdom comes with age. Dont changeit is your appreciation and lovely hard work and innocence that makes you and your team a success. Dont ever lose that quality. You are so real and by the Way I live next door to Lees Sandwiches and you guys kick their tushies on the Ban Mi, Thanks again, Marli Always a Fan!!!

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