We <3 Santa Fe

Oh Santa Fe how we luv you . . . let us count the ways!

1. Amazing people. Although we arrive into Santa Fe in the midst of very cold 28 degree snowy weather, the people of Santa Fe continue to battle the cold to pick up their warm, toasty and delicious Banh Mi! On top of that every customer was so kind and welcoming, we did not want to leave!

Photo of Nominator in its first day of snow!

2. Beauty. Every single house = adorable adobe architecture. Our local taxi driver explained that blue window panes keep the evil spirits away. (Below is Jno in front of her dream home!)

3. Delicious Food. We werent the only place with nom-worthy food, we found fresh and original cuisine at every corner. We had delicious tapas at La Boca off the Plaza and nomolicious huevos rancheros at Tia Sofias!

4. 10,000 waves. After an extremely stressful weekend on the truck (working in extremely cold conditions for 14 hours a day can get to you! Me and Jno spent a night at the spa 10,000 waves. Everyone there was so nice, and we cannot thank them enough for helping us de-stress! You know we <3 our spa days! :P

5. History. We loved exploring the oldest chapel in America the San Miguel Mission, and also the oldest house in America right around the corner.

Thank you Santa Fe, for such a priceless weekend. You will forever be in our hearts, and who knows, maybe we will be back one day! :)

16 comments to Why we <3 Santa Fe

  • Bigmouth

    Mmmm Jen.

    Cheering for you guys in the Great Food Truck Race. Keep up the great work!

  • Phamster

    Saw you on the Great Food Truck Race. Great job! Been rootin for the Asians. Made me hungry for some Banh Mi. Keep blowing the competition away!

  • Jun

    caught you on the Great Food Truck Race and you guys are doing WORK! Good job and keep hustliN!

  • Lori

    Looks like its been awhile since you were in Santa Fe with the weather, but Im glad enjoyed my home town. I just saw the episode last night and we were rooting for you.

    Good Luck Nom Nom!!!

  • Kevin

    Beautiful UCLA girls representing!

  • jade

    what kind of camera do you have in that last picture??

  • Khanh

    Great job in Santa Fe! My wife and I are rooting for you every week. Ill be visiting LA from NJ in October hopefully I can get a picture in front of the Nom Nom truck and *gasp* maybe with the owners?

  • Mike

    Just saw you on the Great Food Truck Race (a few days late on my DVR)! Great job winning two in a row, youre so very talented (and beautiful too)! Best wishes to you for the rest of the race!

  • Natalie

    Hooray for spreading the perfection known as Banh Mi. I havent had one in years and just watching you make them has me salivating! ;)

    Keep up the good work Nom Nom.

  • Evelyn

    Greetings from Virginia! My son and I are rooting for nom nom all the wayI knew you were the ones to beat from the first episode of the Great Food Truck Race. Keep up the great work and hope to see you in Norfolk, Virginia one day soon!!

  • Kurt

    You guys show very smart decisions on Great Truck Race! WTG and congrats. Im glad you enjoyed Santa Fe even though I was there over 20 years ago working with the Opera, 10,000 Waves was the best! Glad you got to go there!

  • Victoria

    hey, watched the sante fe episode last week and just wanted to say, whether it was a conscious decision or not (cause if it was, it didnt make it past editing for the broadcast), it was pretty classy of you guys to not do the whole truckstop peppers thing. you guys knew you were making enough money to make it to the last round, so by not participating in that extra challenge, you guys gave the other trucks another chance. nice :)

  • bj

    keep up on da good work on Great Food Truck Race. i actually live in LA but 15 minutes away from downtown. anyway Jen, you look good in that bikini and bra :)

  • bj

    Keep up on the good work on Greatest Food Truck Race!
    btw, Jennifer, you really do look good in the hot tub! <33

  • Joel

    Hey Misa, I also wanna know, what kind of camera you have in the last photo?

  • Katie

    I was home in Santa Fe randomly for the weekend you all were there for the Great Food Truck race and I have to say you were my favorite all around. I even felt bad when your truck was hit and the mirror was knocked off. I dont have the food network so I dont know how you all did but I hope you wone! Your food was the BEST. I hope one of these days you can branch out to Colorado we need some culture and flavor in the Vail Valley!!

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