Nom Nom featured on Spike TVs food dude!

We love how this turned out, and it was so much fun to film! I think my favorite clip is one of the outtakes at the end:

Food Dude: Do you want me to eat towards you?

Jno: Ummmmm . . . *awkward silence*

That is a classic hilarious moment that will always make us [...]

The secret is out! Mark your calendars for August 15th for the Great Food Truck Race!!

The secret is out! Nomsters, mark your calendars! Our reality show, The Great Food Truck Race, will be premiering August 15th! Watch us as we compete across America against other nom-worthy food trucks, spreadin our Nom Nom luv! :D

We arent going to reveal much, but lets just say we can guarantee a [...]

One year anniversary: what should we do?

Hi Nomsters! Our one year anniversary is approaching (time flies when youre nommin away!) and we are currently brainstorming what to do! If you have any ideas, please feel free to send em on over to [email protected] You guys are our fans and we wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you, [...]

Get $1 any of our Banh Mi with a same day purchase from Volcano Tea!

Nom Nom Truck

Ninestar Skater Event in West LA: Tomorrow Saturday March 20th!

Come celebrate with us tomorrow starting at NOON the opening of Ninestars skate park in West LA! Hope you see you there! How can ya say no to free concerts? Skatin + NOMS= priceless! :D

Tag us in your Facebook status and you could win free Banh Mi for a week!

Were givin away FREE Banh Mi to several lucky winners!

1. Just add us on facebook here

2. Tag us in a facebook update using @Nom Nom Truck

The more creative the facebook update, the more likely youll get that free Banh Mi for a week! :)

Tag us in a Facebook photo and you could win free Banh Mi for a week!

Hi yall, yes its that time again where you could win FREE BANH MI for a week! Okee heres whatcha gotta do:

1. Add us on Facebook (You can add us here)

2. Tag us in a photo of our truck, or yummay NOMS from our truck!
(Sorry yall you cant just take a photo [...]

Catering NOMS to HBO premiere tomorrow- and you have a chance to attend!

Okee yall so heres how it goes do a facebook update or tweet about with NOM NOM in the sentence and youll have a chance to attend the premier below this THURS night AND get free NOMS at that event! Purrrty sweet eh? Id say so :)

For Facebook:
1. Add us [...]

Vday event with Compartes Chocolatier: The perfect gift for vday . . . and a free taco! :)

Okee yall you KNOW how much we luv things that are NOMworthy, and these chocolates most definetely are! This Thursday February 11th (11:30-2:30 PM!) we are headin over to Compartes Chocolatier for another amazin event! This time its for Vday.

Need to get your Vday shoppin done? look no further, for [...]

Wanna be with a great crowd for the Superbowl? Join us @ The Brig this Sunday!

Hi yall, ready for the superbowl? I know I am (Im a lil pissy that the Chargers arent there though!) Please join us at the Brig for a Superbowl extravaganza this Sunday 12-4 PM! Itll be deliciouso to eat a Lemongrass Chicken taco while rootin for your fav team! May the [...]