Jenn Green

jenn_nomJennifer Green: Known to all as the Banh Mi Maestro, Jennifer Green is the tastebuds behind Nom Nom whipping up nom-worthy items with secret ingredients such as Lemongrass Chicken and Honey Grilled Pork.  Jennifer was born and raised in a slow-cooking Vietnamese kitchen in SoCal with her mother and aunts, all implants from the old country who instilled in Jennifer an intense and savory passion for fresh Vietnamese recipes and ingredients.  This commitment to thoughtful, well-crafted Vietnamese cuisine can be tasted in every bite of Nom Nom’s extraordinary sandwiches.   When she is not thinking banh mi, Jennifer is thinking of Bailey, her cheerful red-haired canine companion (the cutest dog in the world!).  Jennifer and Bailey can be found cruising around with the windows down along LAs most nom-worthy beaches.  Besides an intense passion for food, Jennifer also loves studying and graduated from UCLA as a double major in biology and English Literature.  As co-owner of Nom Nom Truck, Jennifer pledges to make as many people in the world as possible say NOM!