Running a food truck every day can be very stressful (I’d say it often takes over my life!). However, at the end of the day, it is so worth it, especially when we see all of our Nomsters happy. Lately due to the exposure from the show, we have been getting numerous emails from families and kids from across the country, and these emails have touched our hearts. Thank you SO much for sending us these emails, you guys are really why we are working so hard, and you are what makes Nom Nom special to us.

Here is an email from Kevin in Bakerfield, thank you Kevin so much for this email, you made Jen and I tear up!

I just have to tell you that you guys have had a VERY positive impression on my 8 year old daughter Courtney. We currently live in Bakersfield and she waits patiently for Sunday night to come and pulls for Nom Nom with all her heart. Every week, when you’re announced as the winner, she does her little dance and runs around the house………thank you for that.

I think it’s important that you know that you’ve done much more than compete in a contest. You’ve touched the heart of a little girl. She see’s that a young team with two strong females who have a business education can work hard and win with a positive attitude.

As a proud parent…….thank you.

Kevin in Bakersfield

Here’s a photo I look last night with some of my favorite lil’ Nomsters. These girls touched my heart. Thanks for coming out girls! (PS kids tees will be available online soon!)