As a food truck, we travel all over creation- OC, Santa Monica, Pasadena, West LA, Downtown LA. When we go to each location, we try to bring as much deliciousness, fresh cuisine and great service as we possibly can. However, in addition to that, in exchange for pairing up with each of these lovely communities, we also hope to give back what we can. On Sawtelle and Mississippi we pair up with the Volcano Tea House, offering $1 off any of our sandwiches with a Volcano Tea purchase. When the earthquake struck Haiti, we paired up with T-Lofts to donate all net profits to the Red Cross Relief fund.

As Nom Nom grows, we would like to continue to give back, and help communities that we feel deserve to be recognized for their outstanding work and achievement. Next Friday, August 27th 11:30-1:30PM, we will begin our NOMS for Non-profits program, pairing up and parking in front of the Asian Rehabilitation Center (1701 E. Washington Blvd. close to Downtown LA), donating 10% of all Nom Nom sales to the center.

Please read below to find what ARS is all about, and how they have helped the local community. If you are close to the Downtown LA area, please come stop by, we would love to give back as much as we can, as well as raise awareness of ARS!

If you are a non-profit, in a good location in the LA area, please feel free to contact us regarding the NOMS for Non-profits program at [email protected], let’s get this program rollin’!