35 History Research Paper Topics & Simple Writing Tips

One of the worst feelings in the world is being unable to write an academic paper. Whether it is a research paper about history, a term paper, or an essay, you have to put your heart into every single word. But if there is one thing that can make this process easier and more fun, it is knowing what topics are appropriate for your coursework.

This article contains a compilation of some excellent ideas for history research paper topics to help you find an interesting topic for your assignment, as well as tips on how to write a history research paper.

Tips for writing your history research paper

The number one step to a good history research paper format is to pick a topic that you are interested in. When doing this, students are highly encouraged to pick a topic that relates to their class and career.

After picking a topic, you should write down your research question, thesis statement, and topic sentences for each paragraph in the paper. An excellent research paper will have at least four paragraphs: one for each section of the body (introduction/background information), and finally an ending paragraph that summarises everything and connects them into an overall conclusion or summary of what happened in history during the specific periods mentioned in your paper.

How to write a history research paper

Before you begin writing, it is crucial to understand what the assignment is asking of you. You are expected to read the prompt carefully and pick a topic that interests you. After reading through your chosen topic, outline all of its main points in bullet point form so that they are easily accessible when writing later.

Next, create a history research paper outline for each section of this paper by following these steps:

  • Determine your research subject/topic: this involves making in-depth research on the topics that most interest you.
  • Determine the reason for your choice: if you are driven by a passion to learn more and grow, this passion will help influence your writing.
  • Create an outline: outlining your research paper involves drafting your introduction, body, and conclusion. Determine how long each paragraph should be based on how much information needs to be included within that paragraph; this can help keep things organized as well.

Best history topics for research paper

There are various topics for history research paper. While many might be complex topics, others are easy history research paper topics. Regardless of which category of subject matter you intend to write, you must possess enough information and passion for that topic. Below are some topics you should consider writing about.

World history topics for research paper

  1. Why did the Roman Empire account for increasing homosexuality during its decline?
  2. How come the concept of American Exceptionalism is always held up as a key difference between US History and the rest of the world?
  3. The impact of women in ancient Roman
  4. Why was Alexander of Macedonia so successful at conquering lands and building an empire?
  5. How did the Code of Hammurabi impact Babylonian culture?
  6. What is life like after surviving one of history's major pandemics, such as the bubonic plague?
  7. The history of tattoos in ancient cultures
  8. The rise of Islam and its influence on art in Asia
  9. Why did Christianity evolve throughout the Dark Ages?
  10. What is the inception of modern theatre and how did it come to be popular with audiences?

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. The impact of Joan of Arc on history
  2. Establishment of city-states in Ancient Greece.
  3. The connection between Ancient Greek religion and philosophy.
  4. The impact of slavery in Ancient Greece.
  5. Who were Julius Caesar's supporters and why were they so successful? Was Julius Caesar himself a good leader or benefactor to Rome? What effect did his assassination have on Roman politics?
  6. The lives of traditional knights.
  7. The establishment and spread of feudalism in medieval Europe.
  8. Viking longships, including their construction and use by Viking raiders.
  9. Music as a form of therapy
  10. The impact of the internet on the mental health of teenagers

Art history research paper topics

  1. The Early Renaissance Art
  2. Late Renaissance art
  3. The impact of the Impressionist period on Western Art
  4. The Spanish Influence on Native American art and culture
  5. The early British art history
  6. Classical Greek Art
  7. The effect of World War I on art history
  8. The Features of Chinese Art in the Era of Feudalism.
  9. The rise of the 20th Century Art collections
  10. Ancient Egyptian Art

US history topics for research paper

  1. The colonization of South America
  2. Native Americans and Immigrants
  3. The American Civil War
  4. Impact of the American Revolution on today's world
  5. The Neutrality of America during the World War I

Writing history research topics is an excellent way for students to have an understanding of the world, understand their identity, become inspired, learn from the mistakes of ancestors, develop transferable skills, link various past events to how it affects the present, and learn new information.

This article has offered you information on the various history research topics for your high school, college, master's, or Ph.D. assignments.